Earrings with Antiqued Silver-Plated Pewter Charms, Lunasoft Aluminum and Lucite® Cabochons and Seed Beads

Use an artist's brush to apply a thin layer of olive green (face and hands), anthracite black (coat and hat) and citrine yellow (broom tail) Pebeo porcelain paint to one witch on broom charm. Use a fine tip awl to pierce any air bubbles that may occur. Allow to dry approximately one hour.

Continue to apply thin layers of Pebeo to reach the desired opacity. Allow each layer to dry.

Tip: Most shades of Pebeo paint are transparent, but can be brought to an opaque finish with additional coats.
Repeat to paint a second witch charm. Allow 24 hours for the charms to dry then bake in a toaster/craft oven according to manufacturer's instructions.

Attach one 4mm jumpring to each charm.
Mix equal amounts of Devcon® 5-minute Epoxy according to manufacturer's instructions. Apply a small amount of epoxy to the flat pad on one 10mm earstud and toward the top of the flat side of one mango 24mm round cabochon. Press the cabochon and flat pad of the earstud together then set aside to dry. Repeat to create a second mango cabochon earstud.
Cut one 6-foot length of FireLine® thread. Thread a beading needle almost doubling the thread to make it easier to work with, but leaving a tail so you are working with only one thread.

Place a stop bead on the opposite end of the thread leaving an approximately 6-inch tail.

Note: Use caution not to incorporate the stop bead into the pattern.
String enough rainbow black #11 seed beads to fit around the diameter of one matte mango 24mm round cabochon, bringing the beads toward the end of the thread. Pass the needle back through the entire set of seed beads, then through the first seed bead strung once more, creating a ring. (This is the base row.)
Continue to string one #11 seed bead then pass the needle through the third #11 seed bead in the base row (skipping the second seed bead). Continue the tubular peyote stitch around the entire base row by: stringing one #11 seed bead, skip a #11 seed bead and pass your needle through the next #11 seed bead from the base row. (This will make a total of three rows.)

Continue to stitch two more rows using rainbow black #11 seed beads.

Pass the needle through the first seed bead added from the previous row then create two more rows using rainbow brown #15 rocailles.
Stitch back through adjacent rocailles and #11 seed beads exiting a #11 seed bead in the first row, to secure this half of the bezel. Insert the mango cabochon (front side first) into the bezel.

Continue to peyote stitch around the back of the cabochon using rainbow brown #15 rocailles. Decrease the number of seed beads in each row until the back of the cabochon and flat pad of the earstud are covered.

Continue to stitch through several adjacent rocailles to secure the thread then trim excess thread. Remove the stop bead from the tail, thread a needle and secure then excess thread.
Cut an additional length of thread then thread a needle. Pass the needle through two adjacent #11 seed beads (one from the second and one from the third row) on the bottom of the bezel, leaving a tail. String one #11 seed bead then pass the needle through the first #11 seed bead in the base row.

String one #11 seed bead then pass the needle through the previous seed bead. Stitch back through the row of two seed beads just added and the base row twice, exiting through the seed bead just added, to secure the beginning of the bail. Continue to peyote stitch approximately six rows of two seed beads creating a bail.

Fold the strip in half then stitch through adjacent seed beads from the next rows, toward the back of the bezel, to secure the bail in place. Trim excess thread.
Use one 5.5mm jumpring to attach the witch charm and the bail on the earstud.
Repeat Steps 4 - 9 to create a second earring.

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