Belt with Swarovski® Crystals, Silver-Plated Brass Hot-Fix Rhinestuds and Glass Rhinestone and Silver-Plated Brass Cupchain

Cut 16 5-cup lengths of emerald green cupchain.

Use rubbing alcohol to clean the surface and buckle of the belt of your choice.
Place one crystal AB 10mm chessboard, with opposite corners positioned vertically (like a diamond), in the center of the flat surface of the belt approximately 1/2 inch from the edge of the buckle. Use the smallest Protian® needle file to roughen around the edge of the chessboard. Remove the chessboard then roughen the center of the area.

Repeat to create a total of four roughened diamond shapes along the belt, each 3/4 inch from the corner of the previous.
Use E-6000® Jewelry and Bead™ to affix one crystal AB 10mm chessboard to the center of each diamond shape.

Apply a thin bead of E-6000 around the edge of the first chessboard then affix one length of cupchain along each edge extending one cup past the corner of the edge. Continue to affix cupchain around each side of the chessboard. Repeat to create a cupchain border around each chessboard.
Use the needle file to create two small vertically aligned rough spots, centered between each chessboard and approximately 7mm apart. Affix one 8mm star flat back to each spot.

Use the file to roughen one spot along the top and the bottom edge of the belt, just before the first chessboard. Continue to create two spots on either side of each star flat back along each edge. Use E-6000 to affix one luminous green SS20 flat back to each area.

Allow the set of rhinestones to dry according to manufacturer's instructions.
Repeat Steps 2 - 4 to affix approximately seven sets of rhinestones along the flat surface of the belt. (More rhinestones may be needed depending on the length of the belt.)
Use the file to roughen the front, around the entire edge, of the belt buckle. Use E-6000 to affix one star flat back on either side of the prong and on the opposite edge of the buckle then affix approximately 61 luminous green SS12 flat backs around the remainder of the edge of the buckle. (Be sure to leave room for the prong to rest when fastened.)

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