Bracelet with Celestial Crystal® Beads, Preciosa Czech Crystal Beads and Dyna-Mites™ Seed Beads

Plan out your distribution of opaque red matte, opaque red seed beads and 54 opaque red rounds. These will be dispersed onto the red thread in the pattern of your choice.
String your pattern of beads onto red FireLine® thread.

Tip: Do not cut the thread off of the spool.
Beginning 4 inches from the end of the thread, wrap the wire around the crochet hook to form a loop. Make a loose twist to lock the loop.

Wrap the thread around the hook and angle the hook downward to catch the thread under the hook. Pull through and the first loop should come off of the hook intact (this is the end loop).

Repeat to form the first chain stitch.

Repeat as many times as desired to form empty stitches (without beads).
Slide the first bead toward the crochet hook. Bring the bead and thread around the crochet hook then angle the hook downward to catch the thread and bead. Pull the thread through. The bead will be trapped inside of the stitch.
Continue adding beads in the pattern of your choice until you have reached your desired length.

Repeat Step 3 to add as many empty stitches as desired.

Tip: When adding beads, keep in mind that a few empty stitches will be needed and will help during the bracelet assembly.
When you've reached your desired length, end the strand by pulling the end stitch through to lock the stitch. Cut the thread from the spool.
Repeat Steps 1 - 6 using the following:
  • Teal blue #8 round seed beads
  • Dark green #11 seed beads
  • 35 emerald AB bicones

Bracelet Assembly

Place the straight end of one 1-1/2 inch eyepin into one clamp on the Chain Sta. Open the loop of the eyepin.

Repeat adding a second eyepin to the remaining clamp on the Chain Sta.
Starting on one end of the red strand, place the first loop approximately half an inch from one end of the red strand onto the loop on the first eyepin.

Approximately 7 - 8 inches down from the first loop, depending upon personal preference, attach this loop to the second eyepin loop.

Repeat the weaving pattern until the red strand is completely attached.

Tip: You will go back and forth between the first and second eyepin and the loops on the strand. You may need to adjust which loops you select based on personal preference and overall desired length.
Repeat Steps 8 and 9 using the green strand.
Remove one eyepin from one Chain Sta clamp and close the loop.

String one 11x9mm round tube with diamond design cord end then form a simple loop on the straight end of the wire.

Repeat for the remaining eyepin.
Cut one 2-inch length of 3.5mm curb chain.
String one emerald AB 4mm bicone onto one 2-inch headpin then form a simple loop creating one emerald AB drop.
Pass one emerald AB drop onto the first link on the curb chain then close.
Pass one 5x4.5mm oval jumpring through the last link on the chain and one loop on one end of the bracelet.

Pass one 4mm jumpring through the loop on one clasp and the loop on the remaining end of the bracelet then close.

Tip: Use the clasp and connected jumpring from the curb chain from Step 12.

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