Single-Strand Necklace and Earring Set with Premo Sculpey® Polymer Clay, Glass Cabochons and Iced Enamels™


Condition one section of each color: red, bright green pearl, bronze, white, green, and orange Premo! Sculpey polymer clay by hand or with a polymer clay roller.

Set the white, green and orange clay aside.
Create a basic striped slab using bronze, red and bright green pearl clay by passing each color through a polymer clay roller, then aligning the sheets on top of each other. Roll the slab into a cylinder. Twist a small section on one end 2 - 3 times then, holding the most recently twisted part, twist the next section of the cylinder in the opposite direction 2 - 3 times.

Continue following this alternating twist until the desired wig wag swirl design is achieved.

Tip: Watch our video ''How to Create a Christi Friesen Wig Wag Design'' for more details.
Press the swirl-designed clay into the large teardrop bezel mold. Remove the clay from the mold. Brush the inside of the clay with Iced Enamels™ adhesive then sprinkle Carnelian enamel powder over the adhesive.

Repeat with the small teardrop mold to create two small clay settings (for the earrings).

Place the 30x24mm clear glass cabochon into the large clay setting. Press the edges of the clay together, ensuring there is no space between the clay and the cabochon. This will secure the cabochon in place.

Repeat to place the 16x12mm clear glass cabochons into the small clay settings.
Using orange clay, form 18 petals approximately 10x6mm. Arrange the petals around the edge of the cabochons, placing 8 petals onto the large cabochon and 5 each onto the small cabochons. Press the base of the petals into the clay settings.

Add textured lines to the petals using a clay carving tool. Brush each petal with sparkle gold mica powder.

Blend a small amount of red and white clay together until a pink color is created. Form a number of green, pink and yellow pinhead-sized balls. Arrange approximately 24 pinhead-sized balls in the color and pattern of your choice around the base of the petals on the large cabochon focal.

Repeat to arrange approximately 20 balls on each small cabochon drop.
Apply a small amount of Fimo Professional transparent clear liquid polymer clay to the front of the 16x6.5mm leaf glue-on bail then press the bail onto the top back of the clay cabochon focal.

Repeat to attach 13x6.5mm leaf glue-on bails to the cabochon drops.

Bake according to manufacturer's instructions. Let cool.

Necklace Assembly

String the clay and glass focal onto an 18-inch gold-plated brass snake chain.

Earrings Assembly

Pass one 4mm jumpring through the bail on one clay and glass drop and one earwire then close.

Repeat to create a second earring.

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