Single-Strand Necklace and Earring Set with Czech Glass Beads and Silver-Plated Brass Beads

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Add some spot-on style to jewelry lines and your own fashion wardrobe with this eye-catching necklace and drop earring set featuring Preciosa Tee Czech pressed glass beads. These center-drilled beads offer a unique shape for fun interlocking design possibilities when used alongside other Czech pressed glass beads or seed beads. Their opaque iris blue color makes a stunning statement combined with ...


Cut a 22-inch length of Accu-Flex® professional-quality beading wire.
String the large hole on one half of a magnetic barrel clasp onto a 2-inch headpin, create a wrapped loop then add a 4mm jumpring to the loop.

Repeat with the second half of the clasp.
String onto the length of beading wire: one crimp, one Accu-Guard™ wire protector and the jumpring added to one half of the clasp. Pass the beading wire back through the crimp. Pull the beading wire so the crimp rests snug against the Accu-Guard leaving approximately 1/4 inch of beading wire on the end. Crimp then trim the excess from the short end of the beading wire.
String onto the beading wire:
  • 21 silver-plated brass 5x3mm ovals
  • 30 sets of one white 4mm pearl-coated druk and one iris blue 8x2mm tee
  • One white 4mm pearl coated druk
  • 21 silver-plated brass 5x3mm ovals
Repeat Step 3 with the second half of the clasp to complete the necklace.


String a white pearl-coated druk, three iris blue tee beads and one white pearl-coated druk onto a 2-inch headpin then create a simple loop.

Repeat to create a second drop.
Pass the loop of a drop created in Step 1 through the loop of an earstud then close.

Repeat to create a second earring.

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