Bracelet with Kumihimo Satinique™ Cord, Synthetic Rubber Cord and TierraCast® Cord Ends

Learn how to make a standard 8-cord spiral braid, the first braid most people start with when beginning kumihimo. Rose walks you through the steps of this fun and surprisingly easy technique.
Cut two 30-inch sections of each of the following:
  • Black Satinique™ 1.5mm cord
  • White Satinique 1.5mm cord
  • Dark grey Satinique 1.5mm cord
  • Pewter rubber 2mm cord
Gather the cords together and tie an overhand knot approximately 2 inches from the end.
Insert the knotted end of the cords into the center of a round kumihimo disk. Place the cords as shown.

  • Wind the individual cords onto Huggy Spool® bobbins to help avoid tangling
  • Use kumihimo weights to help maintain consistent tension

Weave the cords in a basic eight cord spiral pattern until the cord is the desired length.

Note: For more information view our ''How to Make a Spiral Kumihimo Braid'' how-to video and illustrated instructions.
Remove the ends of the cords from the kumihimo disk and tie an overhand knot. Wrap a 2-inch length of Silkon® thread tightly around the end of the braid then tie a whipping knot to secure. Trim the ends of the braided cord and the excess thread.
Apply adhesive to the end of the braid and insert into a pagoda cord end. Repeat with the opposite end of the braid and a second cord end.
Add a 7mm jump ring to the loop of one cord end.

Pass a jump ring through the previously added jump ring and a closed 7mm jump ring then close.

Use a jump ring to add a lobster claw clasp to the opposite end of the bracelet.

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