Earrings with Art Clay® Silver and Sterling Silver Drops and Links

Condition the clay by folding it multiple times while still inside the plastic.
Apply metal clay conditioner to your hands and the clay. Roll the clay on a rubber block between two slats set at the desired thickness.
Place a texture plate onto the clay while still in the slats and roll once. Remove the plate and use clay cutters to cut four shapes of the same size. Drill a hole in one corner of each piece. Air dry for at least one hour at room temperature.
Sand the shapes smooth.
Fill a bowl with room temperature water.

Fire the shapes on a firing block with a torch. Use tweezers to pick up the shapes and quench in the bowl of water.

Drop the shapes in a pickle compound until all slag is gone. Remove with copper tongs and rinse.
Use a wire brush to clean the shapes. Sand once more if needed. Burnish with an agate burnisher.
Open an oval jump ring. Slide on one finished shape, one pre-made link with holes and one double ring drop. Close the jump ring.

Attach the other end of the double ring drop to an oval jump ring. Use a round jump ring to attach the drop to one loop on an ear wire.

Attach a finished shape to an oval jump ring. Use a round jump ring to attach the shape to the other loop on the ear wire.

Repeat to create a second earring.

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