Rebecca Betton

Meet the Designer-Artist
I like to use as many natural items in my creations as possible. Many pieces that I design are inspired by my Christian faith and center around scriptures that I am drawn to. I include a card with a specific scripture on it when someone makes a purchase. At one time I designed a pro-life bracelet out of pink and blue crystals with tiny pewter feet charms and sold them at several area craft festivals and churches. 100% of the price was donated to a local crisis pregnancy center. I can't say I am proud of any one particular creation ... I mainly feel very blessed to have been given this talent and hope to use it for many, many years.

Share Your Background
As a young teen of 14 (I'm 47 now), I was physically violated in a way no one should have to endure and was haunted by it for many years. When my own daughter reached 14, I feared for her. I made her a bracelet with tie-died beads and a butterfly on it to remind her to never let anyone hurt her in any way. By word of mouth and many requests, I've sold 300+ of those bracelets! I got such satisfaction and a sense of peace from making them that I began experimenting with other materials and techniques. People began noticing the jewelry I was wearing and started asking if I would be willing to sell it ... my business was born! I was honored to design the jewelry for a co-worker's wedding and wanted to use high-quality materials at reasonable cost and that is how I discovered Fire Mountain. I've been a loyal customer ever since.

Beading Success
As I stated above, my jewelry-making has been a source of healing for me. The money I earn is certainly nice, but it is secondary to what it has done for me emotionally and spiritually. I never get tired or bored with it. I approach my table with excitement and enthusiasm every time! Sometimes I even dream about jewelry designs and ideas ... that's how much it means to me. My motto is, "God ordains it ... Christ maintains it...the Holy Spirit inspires it ... all I do is put it together." Thank you for letting me share my story.