Lois Cooper

Meet the Designer-Artist
When I buy beads and findings, I am inspired by the beauty and the visionary/creative potential. I do not want to box myself into a particular style, but I would say that my designs are contemporary, upscale and timeless.

Each time I sit down to create, I am proud of at least something that comes out of that effort. Sometimes it's for an individual and sometimes it's for an event. I am proud to say that I have designed a collection for a local up-and-coming gospel singer, as well as a piece for a Pulitzer Prize winning author and Poet Laureate.

Share Your Background
My mentor at work introduced me to beading. It was a lunch-time activity we shared making a pair of earrings. She thought I did well, and so did I. I took a few classes, learned some techniques and began to show my work.

When I took my first class I was told that Fire Mountain Gems and Beads was a staple in the jewelry-making business. One of my co-workers also told me about Fire Mountain Gems.

I used to sell in bazaars at work, then I started selling in other venues as well. I wish I had more time, space and funds to create more. I still have so much to learn.

Beading Success
Making jewelry makes me feel proud and creative. It validates my work when people who know me cannot believe that I've made the jewelry that rivals store-bought merchandise. The number of people who do not know me, but love my work and appreciate me as a serious artist, is mind blowing. It reminds me that if I continue to be creative, upgrade my skill and technique and seek opportunity, the sky is the limit.