Kathy Eggerton

Kathy Eggerton

Fire Mountain Gems and Beads
2009 Jewelry-Making Contest

Introduce Yourself:

I am absolutely inspired by anything and everything...from the freeform beauty and depth of color found in nature, to the meticulously, methodical, schematic of a computer mother board. I come from a family of artist-types. My mom introduced me to drawing early, and her sisters and brothers were accomplished artists. Their mom (my grandmother) was artistic as well, but focused her efforts on creating jewelry. She was arthritic in her hands, but would crochet beads all day long. She would sell her work for some pocket money. This was years ago before it was popular.

About six years ago I was struck with a debilitating illness that forced me to bedrest the majority of my days. My friend suggested I start making jewelry as a means to remain positive. She and my husband collaborated and for Christmas that year, I got all I needed to get started. It has been the best gift ever! I found each day I can tailor my creative plans according to my physical needs and limitations. There is always some element of making jewelry that I can do despite my disabilities. I am so thankful!

My style is tastefully eclectic. I like to look for the unique and unexpected and pull it together in a tasteful way. I love to work with pearls and clays of various types. I especially enjoy contrasting textures and ideas to keep the eye engaged, the wearer interested, and those viewing it asking, ''Where did you find that, it's great.''

My favorite piece is a pearl collar I made for a young bride. I've known her since her childhood and wanted to create something that completed the strapless bridal gown and more importantly, conveyed my feelings for her. The piece is comprised of sparkling Swarovski crystals, and several different types of pearls. Some are smooth, several with interesting bumps and curves, all standing alone in their uniqueness and loveliness--just as she is unique, elegant, and a woman unafraid to stand alone for what she believes in. The inevitable contrasts found in all nature, woman included, can be the catalyst of all to create. Amy's Gift is my best attempt, thus far, to capture a little of that beauty.

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My friend Victoria, who helped me get started in beading, also introduced me to Fire Mountain Gems.

Beading Success!

Not only does jewelry-making serve to help me cope during times when I am on bedrest, due to my illness, it also brings in a little money to play with. At this point, I sell by word of mouth. I love to do weddings and believe that is my niche. I'm in the process of completing my website.