Jonna Ellis Holston

Jonna Ellis Holston

Fire Mountain Gems and Beads
2009 Jewelry-Making Contest

Introduce Yourself:

Most of my designs come from dreams or I visualize them in my quiet creative place. I try not to study other's work because I want my own style to flourish. Most of the designs that I see are very beautiful, but too formal for my taste. We're a casual society and I want my work to reflect that. For instance, I love crystals, but I'll use them to highlight the piece rather than dominate it.

Share Your Background

I saw my first Bead and Button magazine in a craft store and I HAD to make a certain project. I knew nothing about beads and sought advice from the salesperson. She sold me needles that didn't fit through the beads and thread that wouldn't pass through the needle's eye and I got very frustrated. Finding FIRE MOUNTAIN GEMS was a ''godsend.'' They explained what I needed and gave me great advice over the phone and then they sent the products right to my home. I owe FIRE MOUNTAIN a great debt of gratitude. Without them I'd have been too frustrated with the local craft store's limitations to continue beading.Bead and Button gave me the will and FMG gave me the way!

Beading Success:

I am a full-time beader and bead weaving teacher. Since I found this medium, all other art supplies were left in the closet. I'm so grateful to be able to spend each day immersed in beads and doing what I love.