Marcia Acker-Missall

Marcia Acker-Missall

As Featured in Doll Crafting magazine September 2008 and Costuming magazine and Soft Dolls and Animals magazine February, December 2007

Meet the Designer-Artist
Marcia Acker-Missall ''a.k.a. the frog lady'' is a teacher and designer-artist featured in many of Fire Mountain Gems and Beads back cover ads. Like many designer-artists, Marcia has been gifted with a passion for creating since she can first remember. She describes herself as a work in progress, similar to her art dolls, beaded art-to-wear and other whimsical creations. Marcia works with a broad mixed-media palette of fabrics, fibers, textures, beads, charms, clay, metals and more.

''I started making dolls using other artist's patterns… and have progressed to designing and creating my own patterns and one-of-a-kind display art dolls. I have always incorporated beading into my dolls, and, through this, now create beaded jewelry.''

''My cloth art doll patterns emphasize the creation of faces with personality and uniqueness through needle sculpting and the color modeling of my hand drawn facial features. I feel that each doll face I create has its own special look and I never wish to become stylized or make images that are cemented into one particular style of artistic expression. I am a fine artist blessed by the magic of genetic inheritance and good fortune.''

Artist Background
Marcia attended the High School of Music and Art and the Cooper Union School of Art and Architecture in New York City, earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. After completing graduate work in secondary art education, Marcia worked as an artist and layout designer for McCall's Magazine. She has also worked as an illustrator, graphic artist, potter, secondary school art teacher, student advisor and Master Teacher for Pratt Art Institute. And most recently, Marcia has focused her artistic expression on creating mixed media cloth art dolls and beadwork. She is an instructor and designs doll art and a beaded pattern line for retail and wholesale markets.

Marcia discovered her love for doing ''stuff'' with fabric while she and her husband lived in Southern China. Her husband worked long hours as a consultant for Avon Products, which left Marcia to discover a weekly quilter's club meeting. And that's when the love affair with fabric began.

After returning to the states, Marcia fell in love with a frog doll pattern at a quilt expo, bought the pattern and signed-up for a class on how to make the frog. That was just the beginning...and soon her home was filled with frog dolls. Visitors would ask her where they could buy these frog dolls and Marcia started taking orders.

Marcia soon realized she needed to choose a business name that was both meaningful and unique enough to be remembered by her customers. Her business, The Potted Frog, was born. The inspiration behind the business name came from all the toads and frogs that covered her driveway each evening in Southern Florida. She and her husband started to call their home Frog City and friends began bringing them many different froggy gifts.

In addition to being a featured artist at Fire Mountain Gems and Beads, one of Marcia's beaded art dolls, Lady of Charlottes has recently been featured in Creative Cloth Doll Making by Pattie Medaris Culea. And several of her original beaded works will be showcased in Rockport Publishing Company's newest book, 1000 Beaded Pieces. Marcia continues to teach internationally and in the United States, sharing her doll-making skills with guilds, clubs and community groups.

Marcia's inner drive to create, her incredible imagination and quirky love of frogs have led her to creative success!


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