Sarah Madsen

Garden Jewels
Introduce Yourself:

It has to be said ''mother nature'' is my biggest influence--every seed pod, opening flower, petals, color, twist in the branches of a tree, etc, etc. My style is towards an organic living feel. I'm somewhat on hold making fine metalwork jeweled pieces at the present time. (Mother of four young kids might have something to do with it!)

So beading has become important to me to express myself in some way within jewelry. The beaded necklace I'm really happy with is the ''Garden Jewels'' neckpiece. I didn't want to use lapis lazuli in a traditional way, usually in a very set pattern. So this necklace, with that in mind, really did just grow. I have to say it sold, too. Now I miss it! So I can see I'm going to have to remake it again!

Share Your Background:

I didn't really realize it, but I've been beading since I was a little girl. Then through work, threading fine pearls and gemstones became familiar to me again. I came across Fire Mountains Gems and Beads through magazines and as they say, the rest is history. I started ordering all yummy beads and findings.