Heather Merryman

Meet the Designer-Artist

Besides making beaded jewelry, I am also a floral designer, so my inspiration for my jewelry is using the colors in nature. Crisp greens, earthy browns, glacial blues and the like.

Share Your Background

My first experience with beads was making some simple homemade Christmas gifts for the ladies in my family about 10 years ago. My love for the art grew from that moment on. My friend and fellow jewelry maker Crystal turned me on to Fire Mountain Gems and Beads. We share booths at craft fairs and looking through the Fire Mountain catalog is our way of passing time and thinking up new combinations to create.

Beading Success

My passion for making beaded jewelry has grown from that moment 10 years ago and is now still much loved and enjoyed, but also a successful business. I am able to sell on consignment at two local stores and still set up booths at craft fairs. My newest endeavor is an online store and have great hopes for its success.