Sylver O'Neill

Flower Chokers

Meet the Designer-Artist

Where do you live?
Idaho Falls, Idaho

Describe your artistic style.
I work with copper, brass, and silver wire. My jewelry is like no other, it's all original. I make necklaces, seed bead roses and butterflies/dragonflies out of wire.

What inspires you as a designer-artist?

What materials do you most enjoy working with?
I enjoy working with 20g, 26g, and 16g wire and mix coppers with brass and silver with copper and brass for a different touch.

What is the name of the piece you submitted with your success story?
Flower Chokers

What inspired this design?
The beads. Just looking at the beads inspires me.

How did it come together?
I didn't plan it. I just created.

Share Your Background

When and how did you begin making jewelry/beading?
I started as a pre-teen. My cousin and I would create our wares and join fairs. We enjoyed just watching the people. They would make us laugh.

Who introduced you to beading?
No one. I just liked looking at all the different beads then picked up wire and put them together.

Do you have an artistic background?
Yes, as a youth I always enjoyed art classes. Being Aztec Indian I have the arts in my blood.

How did you discover Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®?
On the back of a beading book I was looking through. Then ordering the catalog and receiving emails.

What other hobbies do you have?
I enjoy sketching nudes, listening to music and watching my son play drums in front of thousands of fans.

Beading Success

What role does jewelry-making play in your life?
It is my full-time hobby/career. I dream jewelry ideas. It affects me on a full-time basis. To not have the opportunity to create would be tragic for me.

If you used jewelry-making as a way to bring in income, how are you selling yourself and your jewelry?
I sell my jewels at markets, at stores and through word of mouth. My friends are my fans.

Do you participate in any charity fundraisers?
No, I don't know of any. Although I have donated wares for good causes.

Any advice for aspiring jewelry-artists?
Don't give up on your work. We all had to start somewhere. Practice, experiment, and use your imagination.