Swarovski Colors for Fall/Winter 2008-09

Designing with Light Grey Opal

Designing with Light Grey Opal

The soft sensual colors of Swarovski Crystal's light grey opal reflect both warm golden tones and cool powder blue-grey hues that bring to mind romantic puddles from cold midwinter snowdrifts melting in the warmth of the sun.

This new color is a great companion to many fall/winter 2008-09 color trend forecast colors like sandy taupe, slate blue, fall rose, champagne, burnt brick red and palomino yellow. Experiment with designs featuring gemstones such as amazonite, chalcedony, Crazy Horse, African bloodstone, labradorite, ocean jasper, moukaite, botswana agate and vividly dyed cultured freshwater pearls.

The warm iridescence of labradorite and the playful colors of moukaite mix well with the cooling heat of light grey opal Swarovski crystals. The stunningly wild patterns common to Crazy Horse and ocean jasper are showcased by the steady sparkling icy grey and smoke crystal hues. Create long and linear necklaces with hand looped copper wire and light grey opal crystal into fashionable links for instant elegance.

The light grey opal crystals look fabulous when worn over bare skin or fabric in dove greys, sandy taupe, creamy champagne satins, delicate rose colors, beiges, lavender grays and slate teal blues.

Designing with Palace Green Opal

Designing with Palace Green Opal

The cool romance of Swarovski Crystal's palace green opal is right in line with the tonal colors of foliage in jewelry for fall/winter 2008-09. The slightly opaque, amphibious green tones blend excellently with the forecast colors cobblestone green, lagoon blue, bright firefly green, avocado, Emerald City, slate blue, palomino yellow and fandango purple.

This dusky emerald green colored opal is surrounded with sultry mystery, and looking into the hazy refractions is like watching the calming green ripples of a bottomless pond of green water. Play with gemstones green colored like vividly marbled malachite, golden amber, emerald green aventurine, golden fluorite, African jade, kambaba jasper, zoisite ruby and cultured freshwater pearls in jewelry designs that complement the palace green opal color.

Pair palace green opal Swarovski crystals with the unexpected and brilliant colors of dichroic glass and other Swarovski colors such as erinite, blue zircon, emerald green, chrysolite, olivine green and ruby. When you use a wide variety of oversized green gemstones and glass beads with gold and brass wire and findings, your jewelry will convey a lush elegance.

Multi-stranded among gemstones or paired alone in long, sweeping designs, this misty green crystal looks amazing worn draped over fabrics in tea and fern greens, vivid orchid purples, slate blues, deep true black and of course, against bare skin.

Designing with Antique Brass Crystal Pearls

Designing with Antique Brass Crystal Pearls

The brassy elegance of antique brass Swarovski crystal pearls adds an alluring glamour to classical jewelry. The delicately metallic brass color lends itself to being mixed with fall/winter 2008-09 fashion forecast colors such as navy port blue, cola brown, baking chocolate, sandy taupe, green tea, slate blue, burnt brick red and champagne pink.

Try out new combinations with gemstone beads like black agate, moss agate, Crazy Horse, amazonite, iolite, garnet, moukaite, labradorite, paua shell and olive or African jade that are enhanced by the earthy metallic color of the antique brass crystal pearl.

Pair it up with other sparkling Swarovski crystal beads in colors like light Colorado topaz, amethyst, jonquil, Montana blue, khaki, lime, olivine, crystal dorado and Indian sapphire for sensationally delightful necklaces, bracelets or earrings.

Whether strung among large gemstones in a statement necklace or delicately knotted alone on silk cord, antique brass crystal pearls really stand out when with fabrics in soft dusky navy colors, earthy greens, creamy neutral champagne and rich brick reds.

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