Boost Sales with Jewelry-Making Books

Boost Sales with Jewelry-Making Books
by Leslie, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

If you own a jewelry supply business, but don't sell jewelry-making books, you're missing a large opportunity for revenue. Whether your customers are new or veteran beaders, having a shelf of jewelry-making books on hand is never a bad idea. Jewelry-making books aren't just for beginners, though there is a large assortment of starter-level materials. Here are some reasons you may want to invest in expanding your jewelry-making book library to boost your bottom line.

Learn New Techniques

Having a ready supply of jewelry-making books encourages your customers to try new things, whether it's a new technique or an entirely new medium. The best polymer clay artist in all the land may buy from you, but that doesn't mean they know everything there is to know. Learning new jewelry-making techniques can help expand creative abilities, and it's actually good for your brain to try new things. Jewelry-making books provide an excellent opportunity for learning at your own pace, and many instructional books include detailed step-by-step projects with illustrations to help along the way.

Be Inspired

Getting in a rut happens even to the most creative of jewelry artists. Of course, the Internet has a vast amount of inspiration from Pinterest jewelry boards to fashion blogs and basic Google searches. But nothing quite beats being able to leaf through a book with full-color images. You're able to see more detail in a book than online and there's a better chance of finding out the materials used--which you then conveniently provide for your customers to buy right then and there. Not all inspiring books showcase jewelry, either. Some are all about gemstones, design theory, personal experiences while making jewelry and more--there's a jewelry-related book to catch anyone's eye.

Boost Their Business

When your customers do well, then you do even better. Jewelry-making book selections don't just include ways to create jewelry, but also ways to build your jewelry-making business. Providing customers with business educational resources helps them market and sell their jewelry, which in turn means they need to restock more often. It's a win-win for the both of you.

Gifting Opportunities

Bookworms love getting books as presents, and if they're into jewelry, then it's a double whammy of a perfect gift to receive a book about their preferred medium or by their favorite designer. Jewelry-making books make great gifts for birthdays, holidays or just because someone saw a book on your shelf that reminded them of a friend. We also firmly believe gifts can be for yourself, too.

Now that you know the benefits of offering jewelry-making books to your clientele, how do you get your customers interested in your selection? Try:
  • Featuring a different book each week like the discounted, limited-inventory Book of the Week in Fire Mountain Gems' Tuesday email Newsletter
  • Offering classes at your store and use a project from a book to encourage sales of that specific title
  • Asking customers to submit book reviews. Before you buy something, you want to know if other people found it helpful or useful. Book reviews give customers confidence in the value of the jewelry-making book before they buy.
  • Providing a comfy, well-lit and preferably quiet area for customers to browse your book selection
  • Contacting authors (if possible) and ask them to stop by for a signing or to even lead a class on a project from their latest book
Get customers exploring their creative possibilities, learning new techniques and becoming more knowledgeable in the jewelry-making world with books. Start or expand your current selection with our wide assortment of jewelry-making books--and DVDs--on business resources, jewelry history, beading cultures of the world, top industry artists or specific techniques such as chainmaille, knotting, polymer clay, seed beads and many many more. Happy beading and happy reading!