Dear Friends,

Chris and I moved to Southern Oregon's Illinois Valley from Studio City, California about twenty years ago. We had been looking for a place where the people were naturally friendly, to support our motto of "Friendly Service."

When we got here, we met Bob and Lelo Kerivan. They moved here from Long Beach, California. Lelo was originally from Germany. They wanted to grow grapes and make fine wines. They discovered that this small valley had the identical growing conditions as the finest vineyards of France and Germany: sandy loam soils, plus summers with cool nights made the local conditions ideal.

The other reason we all moved here is that this valley has to be the most beautiful spot on earth.

They started with a 15-acre planting. By local standards, this is a "garden plot." The vineyard "experts" laughed at them because they were planting in the old German way, which sacrifices volume for quality. Then, Bob started importing expensive French oak aging barrels.

Fire Mountain Gems had started their business down the road, in an old, abandoned convenience market. We had six employees at the time; we were sending out small catalogs of jewelry supplies and learning how to do "friendly service."

Philosophies for Success

We all became great friends, because it turned out that we all had an identical philosophy for success: Put out the best product you can deliver--at a fair price--and treat your customers as friends.

The second step is to take the advertising money that you save and pour it back into improving the product quality and the service. The cycle then repeats itself, the result is growth, plus a company of which you can feel very proud. In our case, our customers helped us to become the largest jewelry components distributor in our part of the country.

They Stopped Laughing

In the case of Bob and Lelo's Bridgeview Winery, it got the local "experts" to stop laughing. Soon, Bridgeview's wines were winning handfuls of gold and silver medals in the Pacific Northwest wine tastings. Then they entered their 1986 Pinot Noir varietal in the International Wine Tasting held in New York City. This unknown wine from an unknown winery in an unknown place won the Gold Medal. This wine, selling for grocery store prices, beat out the best U.S., Australian, Chilean, South American, Spanish, German and French wines, selling in all price divisions.

It was like a plow horse winning the Kentucky Derby. The locals stopped laughing altogether and started buying.

Bob and Lelo let their customers do their advertising and plowed their savings into planting more grapes and improving their winery. Their growth never stopped. They are now one of the largest producing wineries in Oregon. (Oregon has over 300 wineries.)

Don't Send Us Money

Chris and I love their incredibly detailed varietal wines and we applaud the way they do business. Whenever we find products that we really like, we always share it with our friends, and we feel it's time that we let you in on the local secret.

If you don't drink wine or you don't believe in drinking anything that contains alcohol, please accept our apologies for disturbing you.

But if you truly enjoy the experience or an unusual and exceptional suite of wines, we suggest that you give Bob and Lelo's wines a taste. We've enclosed their brochure for you. If you should wish to order, don't call us (we're not in the wine business). Give them a call directly--they're really nice people.


Chris and Stuart

P.S. We've negotiated a special deal with Bob and Lelo. If you should choose to order from them, tell them that you're friends of Chris and Stuart. They give you free postage and handling to anywhere in the U.S.A. (in the States where it is legal to ship wine - please check with Bridgeview about your particular state). Not just for your initial order, but for all of your reorders, also.

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Blue Moon Wines
Cabernet Sauvignon $9.95
Cabernet/Merlot 9.95
Chardonnay 9.95
Merlot 9.95
Pinot Gris 10.95
Pinot Noir 19.95
Riesling 8.95
White Wines
Chardonnay-Oregon $7.95
Early Muscat 8.95
Gewurztraminer 7.95
Rose 9.95
Select Harvest Riesling 8.95
Semi-Sparkling Muscat 11.95
Viognier 14.95
Red Wines
Pinot Noir-Oregon $14.95
Pinot Noir, Reserve 24.95
Cabernet-Merlot 9.95
Merlot-Oregon 9.95
''Black Beauty'' Merlot 14.95
''Black Beauty'' Cabernet Sauvignon 19.95
''Black Beauty'' Syrah 19.95
''Black Beauty'' Red Blend 39.95

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