Create Enticing Jewelry Displays to Attract Buyers

by Susanne Kathol, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

Whether you're designing window dressings, making jewelry displays for retail or organizing your jewelry for tradeshow presentations, it's important to set the right stage for selling your jewelry. In many cases the display presentation is just as important as the actual jewelry design.

Once you've selected your displays and presentation boxes, here are six out-of-the-box ideas to organize your jewelry and take your presentations to the next level with awesome jewelry displays:

Brown Jewelry Displays

1. Match Your Setting to the Jewelry
Your jewelry design doesn't have to stop with the actual piece. Why not continue the key design elements into your backdrop and display as well?

For example, if you are displaying chain jewelry, use large-link chain in your backdrop display to coordinate with the piece. Create a visual masterpiece by using large-link aluminum chain or design your own paper chain for a similar effect.

If you are showcasing crystal jewelry, use invisible bead cord to dangle Swarovski crystal from above to create a luxurious effect.

This is a great way to use up any extra materials you may have from designing your piece and gives your customers a sense of the design process.

Jewelry Displays

2. Simulate your Surroundings
Depending on where your store or retail space is located, you can incorporate items from the local area into your backdrops. For example, if your hometown is famous for a particular product or natural landmark, use this in your design. This is especially good for areas with a high volume of tourist traffic.

For example, Grants Pass, Oregon is famous for the Rogue River and river rafting. Give customers a sense of this by displaying jewelry in a river scene or on a miniature blow-up raft. Be creative--the sky's the limit!

3. Showcase a Season
Based on the time of year and your geographic location, you can set the stage with a seasonal background. For example, entice your customers with a holiday scene, the thought of cooling off in the summer with mock ice cubes or popsicles or celebrating fall with natural elements such as leaves. You can also help promote gift-gifting occasions by using gift boxes and ribbons in your display.

4. Use Your Brand
Have a consistent element in your displays and backdrops so that your customers recognize your work. You can easily incorporate your business card, logo or a personalized brand element to your display.

For example, Tiffany and Co. consistently uses their signature blue color and white satin ribbon in their gift-wrapping, store displays and website design so their jewelry and brand is always recognizable.

Create your own brand, logo and color-themes and consistently use them in your displays and advertising so customers can easily remember and recognize your designs.

5. Add Color, Texture and Fun (or unexpected items)
Add some unexpected, quirky fun to your displays!

Surround candy-colored jewelry designs with hard candy or jelly beans or visually match earth-tone jewelry with real coffee beans. This is a great conversation starter and encourages customers to stop and look at your jewelry.

Texture is another great way to increase visual interest, for example display your jewelry on faux ostrich-skin material or other textured items.

Color is a great way to catch people's attention. Just make sure that your background doesn't overpower the jewelry. Use a color selector wheel to experiment with complementary and monochromatic color schemes for a visually pleasing outcome.

Item Number H20-2073TL Color Selector Wheel

6. Power of Nature
Some jewelry designs are well-showcased on natural elements--such as real tree branches, sand, shells, rocks, leaves and more. You can't beat the price of natural display elements and they can be painted and adapted to match any look.

Pearls can be nicely displayed in oyster shells and nature-inspired jewelry designs will look good dangling from tree branches.

Bonus Point:
Watch the Scale: Make sure your displays are neither too big nor too small for your setting space (retail, tradeshow etc.).

Be Consistent: Stick to a unified look of colors and shapes.

Remember--the more unique the better. Have fun setting the stage for selling your jewelry!

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