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For more than 113 years there has been one name that has been consistently and inextricably linked to precision cut crystal and fashion. The founder of the company, Daniel Swarovski I, was born in 1862 in Northern Bohemia, which happened to be the centre of a flourishing crystal and costume jewellery industry. In such a setting it's perhaps unsurprising that Daniel was fascinated with the colourful brilliance of faceted stones from his earliest years. Moreover, as a young man he showed an aptitude for invention and entrepreneurship that was to form the basis of what today is a family company employing more than 20,000 and with a presence in more than 120 countries.

In 1895 Daniel Swarovski moved to Wattens in Austria where he could generate his own electricity from alpine streams and keep the secrets of his inventions safe. He went into business at a time when the arts, literature, music and science were cross-pollinating right across Central Europe; surrounded by the inspiration of Mitteleuropa and all that it represented, the company was steeped in culture, innovation and creativity from the outset.

Shining Values

During the opening decades of the 20th century, Swarovski crystals became an essential ingredient in the heady world of high fashion. The company worked with iconic figures like Chanel, Schiaparelli, Balenciaga and later, Christian Dior. The glittering, light filled crystals were irresistible to artists like jazz singer Josephine Baker, then to Hollywood icons like Marlene Dietrich, Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn.

The success of the company today is directly related to the fact that the fourth and fifth generation family management still respect the principles of the Daniel Swarovski I: excellence in business practice and product quality, constant innovation, a desire to create products of great beauty, and the observance of meaningful humanistic values in all its dealings with its employees, business partners, the community and the environment.

Moving Forwards

Swarovski has always been on the cutting edge of innovation and creativity and today engages in intensive trend research so that the company's products always reflect what is new, brilliant and beautiful. With the company's long history of collaboration with the world's leading designers and couturiers, Swarovski crystal understands the creative process involved in using crystal to bring highly individual visions to life. Now, through the CREATE YOUR STYLE with Swarovski crystal initiative, the company shares this exciting process with fashion-forward individuals, opening up a new world of personal expression through crystal.

This initiative aims to create a 'global village' of like-minded people with a passion for expressing their style through personally designed jewellery, accessories and decorative items for the home. facilitates the exchange of creative ideas, design and style tips, news and information about international competitions through a vibrant online community. It provides a list of RECOMMENDED STORES that reflect the high standards demanded by Swarovski. Here shoppers can discover their own style, explore their creativity and seek expert advice.

113 years after its founding, Swarovski is still driven to always improve on what is good. When the company history is retold in future years, the CREATE YOUR STYLE with Swarovski crystal initiative will most certainly be another extremely important chapter.

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"Your article about Swarovski was very interesting - Swarovski beads play a big part in my jewelry making."
- Terese

"The article on Swarovski crystal is a bland nothing! No technical information at all. Please describe some of the early technical problems faced by the inventor. If you want my attention, give me something that is real."
- Gawaine

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- Norma

"I was disappointed by the article. I was hoping to see less advertising pap and more on their technology and/or variety of products and history."
- Dennis

"I liked the article...interesting but I would like to know more about the family now."
- Anne

"I love Swarovski Crystals. 25 years ago I use to work for Swarovski, when they were in Cranston, R.I. I have been using them ever since..."
- Lillian

"The history of the Swarovski company was interesting information. I'd be interested in a more detailed and lengthy article if it's available."
- Myra

"I love this story and am truly inspired by such a history! Thank you for posting it!"
- Ellen

"Great article...interesting...not too long, wonderful background to know. I love the quality of the Swarovski crystals and would not think of using anything else for crystal accents or jewelry pieces. Keep the articles coming!"
- Vickie

"Your article on the history of Swarovski crystals was great. I always like to know more about everything that I am passionate about, and I just love Swarovski crystals. Thanks."
- Annie

"Loved the Swarovski article. It's great to see the stories behind the companies that supply the beads that I love to use. That chandelier at the end of the article was awesome."
- Kathryn

"I found the article 'The Swarovski Story: Making History' disappointing. It was a fluff piece. I had hoped that the article would have gone a bit more in-depth, perhaps to explain why/how the Swarovski company and products are what they are today."
- Mary

"I really enjoyed the article on Swarovski... Thanks so much for writing it."
- Connie

"Sending you feed back on the article about the Swarovski crystals. That is amazing how all that came about - wonderful article."
- Jessie

"Liked the article about Swarovski because I teach beading on fabric. When I teach, I want students to know why I recommend certain beads and the history of the process."
- M. R.

"Excellent! So good to know how to tell the crystal components are genuine!Thanks for passing this information along."
- Rosemary

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