"Feathering" Jewelry and Accessories

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by Jamie Smedley, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

Feathers can be integrated into jewelry designs, printed or stamped in bright colors onto clothing or added as accents onto shoes, belts and bags. Displayed as a leading trend on the runways, the look is now accessible to wear every day with this easy-to-understand guide pointing you in the right direction. Read more to be inspired by the different ways you can include the feather trend into your jewelry.

Top 3 Ways to Wear Feathers

Feathers in Jewelry

Feathers are seen on many types of jewelry. Designers are applying feathers to earring, bracelet and necklace designs in a variety of ways. Feathers are layered to create colorful mosaics or banded designs. While some designs are less structured and include materials such as metal wire-wrapping, chains and large chunky gemstone beads as counterweights.

"Feathering" Jewelry and Accessories

Feathers on Hair Accessories

Feathered barrettes and headbands--often referred to as fascinators--along with bobby pin clips are creating quite a resurgence. Designs ranging from structured and vintage-inspired to freeform bohemian styles are worn every day, as well as for special occasions and weddings.

"Feathering" Jewelry and Accessories

"Feathering" Jewelry and Accessories

Feathers on Clothing

Feathers are also being used to adorn clothing as a brooch or by being hand sewn onto skirts and dresses or skinny-strapped chemise tops and cardigan necklines. Feathers can be a bright spot of wispy color along hems or add interest to single-shouldered necklines. Elaborate rosettes of feathers are also glued or sewn into concentric circles, creating a cameo-style medallion on skirts and jacket lapels.

"Feathering" Jewelry and Accessories

Types of Feathers

Pheasant--in natural brown, grey and black colors work well with nature-inspired designs and natural fabric clothing.

Chicken--slightly "wilder" in appearance than pheasant feathers, chicken feathers in natural brown and grey also work well with nature-inspired designs and natural fabric clothing.

Guinea--dyed in colors including pink, green, purple, black, red and more, guinea feathers are great for festive and lively designs and styles.

Turkey--dyed in a variety of fall colors, turkey feathers work well with fall/winter styles.

Peacock--natural peacock feathers are great for hair fascinators and headbands, jewelry designs and home decor.

Eagle--rich in symbolism--spirituality, flight, freedom, peace and more--black and white eagle feathers are great for bi-color styles or as a simple contrast in more colorful designs.

Ways to Attach Feathers to Jewelry Designs

  1. The simplest way to attach feathers to jewelry is to use crimp tubes with a loop. Insert the end of a de-fluffed and trimmed feather into the tube and crimp down with crimp pliers. Then use the loop to attach to earrings and necklaces.
  2. Another method is to cover the feather end with a cord end. This method is good if you want to have a couple layers of feathers held together.
  3. A glue on fold-over bail is great for concealing the feather quill with a stylish metal component that can be attached to earrings and necklaces with a jump ring.
  4. Feathers can be used to create pluming tassel styles by gluing them inside bead cones. Once the cone bead has been wrapped with a headpin, fill the bead cone with adhesive and insert the feathers into the adhesive. Set aside until the adhesive is dry, then use the loop to apply the plumed cone to jewelry designs.
  5. Feather quills can be wire-wrapped with sterling silver and gold-filled wire. Dead-soft is the best wire to use because it requires minimal pressure to mold it around fragile feather ends.
  6. Feather ends can be knotted with hemp and satin cord. Applying a drop of glue to the feather and cord before the knot is tightened will ensure that the knot stays firm and the feather is securely held in place.
  7. Cord coils are a fast and easy way to secure a feather to earwires and necklace designs. Feather ends can be glued into the coil, or the coil can be squeezed onto the feather end. Larger coils can accommodate larger or multiple feather ends for layered designs.
"Feathering" Jewelry and Accessories

Prepare feathers for use in jewelry by removing most of the downy fluff from the quill and trimming the end of the quill down to fit your finding. Feathers can be overlapped, layered and fanned out in striking designs that mix colors and patterns. White feathers can be especially exciting because they have a blank canvas that can be painted, dyed, drawn on with permanent marker or airbrushed. Crystal PassionsĀ® flat backs and cabochons can also be glued on to the flat surfaces of feathers.

Create unlimited combinations when mixing and matching feathers from different birds with a wide array of colors and patterns. Feathers can be coordinated with vivid gemstone and crystal beads and precious metal chains and beads. You can also add gravity to featherweight designs with chain dangles and charms.

Feathers in Jewelry
"Feathering" Jewelry and Accessories

Feathers on Hair Accessories

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