Keep More ''Clams'' in Your Wallet with Clamshell Packaging - Reusable Resources at Your Fingertips

by Jamie Smedley, Marketing Content Development Group, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

With a lot of focus on conserving renewable resources and reusing things where we can, it might be easy to pass over something as trivial as bead and shipping packaging. The great news is, while these little doo-dads may not seem like much, with a little imagination they have vast reuse potential.

The Scenario
Let's imagine for a minute that your Fire Mountain Gems and Beads order has just arrived and your Swarovski crystal beads are neatly packaged in clear plastic clamshell packaging. While you are glad that this innovative new packaging protects your crystal beads from chipping and scratching during transit, you may be wondering, ''What do I do with it now?''

A Few Key Benefits
Clamshell boxes securely snap shut and can withstand being dropped without popping open and spilling the contents, keeping your product safe and spill-free. The durable clear plastic is easy to view through without distortion and lets in plenty of light, so seeing what is inside is easy to do from any angle. The deep boxes, with close-fitting lipped lids, nest nicely on top of each other to free up and organize counter space and tabletops in design studios and class settings.

The paper insert is easily taken out and the low-adhesion packing sticker on the back comes off easily and can be cataloged in a binder for quick reorder reference. The small foam insert is great to keep for reusing the clamshell box to display finished necklaces, earrings and pendants for resale, travel and gift-giving in a professional and protected manner.

A Few More Reuse Ideas
Don't forget the applications of reusing this box in reselling opportunities. If you own a bead store or sell beads online, why not stock up on your most popular beads in bulk quantities at the all-assortable discount, then repackage them in the clamshell packaging to offer for sale. The pre-punched hole at the top makes these little boxes ideal for hang tab displaying. You can also prepare class kits with your own materials and present them to students in clamshell packaging to present a polished studio style. Plus, the FREE downloadable paper insert, designed specifically for use with the Crystal Passions™ packaging, is the perfect template for creating your own custom-made paper inserts with your business promotions--building brand loyalty for your company.

Do you love the idea of using clamshell packaging but don't buy enough Swarovski crystal to have enough to make these ideas effective? You can purchase clamshells, though different in sizes and styles than the Crystal Passions packaging, and once you apply your ingenuity to ideas for using them, you can share your innovations with others. Please note: Due to the difference in size and style of the clamshell, the insert templates mentioned above do not fit the clamshells available for purchase.

Materials FREE Downloadable Insert Templates

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