by Jamie Smedley, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Style Snapshot: Messy Chain Phenomenon One of the hottest trends sweeping the nation is an attention-demanding necklace resembling chain that has become hopelessly tangled at the bottom of a jewelry box. Featuring chaotic tangles of messy, multicolored chain, this style has been embraced by fashionistas worldwide. Seen as a power trend, the construction is simple: knot, loop, twist, tangle, dangle and bind chains of all sizes, metals and colors into a messy, yet attractive statement necklace, pendant, earrings, bracelet or ring.

Created with or without attached baubles, this trend captures the eye with curiosities of both antiqued and shiny chain mixes, as well as colorfully painted chains, which appear to be randomly planned and mysteriously held in place. To capture this look, incorporate chains of all styles, sizes, finishes and colors. Knot them and secure created tangles with jumprings or wire threaded throughout. You can also leave long loose chain dangles. Use aluminum chain to reduce weight while offering a large link chain look. A great base and accent to this trend is knotted cord, knotted leather, velvet and chainmaille.

Style Snapshot: Messy Chain Phenomenon Style Snapshot: Messy Chain Phenomenon

Chain Sta Tool

Balance is important to this "more is more" trend. To maintain symmetry and balance, the Chain Sta tool is essential for checking drape and wearability. Check out some inspirational examples of this trend in the Gallery of Designs.

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