Design Your Own Customized Jewelry Components with Epoxy and Chatons

by Lisa Coen, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

Introducing an entirely new jewelry-making system involving setting rhinestone crystals and chatons into new and existing jewelry components. Perfect for beaders and jewelry-artists, this exciting new method entails matching various crystals in unlimited color combinations to jewelry pieces with chaton settings such as drops, focals, charms and brooches. Create customized designs and jewelry lines using colors that represent birthstones for Mother's Day and birthdays, or theme toward holidays, schools, professional sports teams and current trends.

Select Your Pieces:
  • Select components from an exciting selection of decorative flowers, butterflies, stars, holiday-themed components and more in plated pewter charms resembling precious metals.
  • Choose your own dazzling rhinestone chatons and secure/bond them to plated pewter charms, drops, focals and brooches.
Adhere Chatons to Components:

Use any of the following on components to adhere chatons: Pick up the rhinestones or chatons easily with rhinestone positioner tools.

Design Your Own Customized Jewelry Components with Epoxy and Chatons
Design Your Own Customized Jewelry Components with Epoxy and Chatons

What are PP and SS?

Crystal rhinestones are measured in a "range" of sizes rather than a precise measurement using the following guidelines:

PP (Pearl Plate) is a method of sizing originally used for pearls by placing them on a surface or plate with holes. The pearls were sized by which holes they fell through. PP is usually used for smaller stones. Pearl Plate has a variance of 1/10 of a millimeter. SS (Stone Size) is the most current method of rhinestone sizing, although PP is still used. Some stones will have both a PP and SS size on the package label. Smaller point back rhinestones are measured in PP and flat back and larger point back rhinestones are measured in SS.

The featured chaton settings include the PP or SS size in their description. For Example, "Fits 48-PP12" means that you'll need a quantity of 48 chaton stones in size number PP12. Then choose your colors of chatons to get started. View the ''Rhinestone Conversion Chart'' here.

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