Top 10 ways to Cure a Creative Block

by Susanne Kathol, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Creative block effects all designer-artists differently but is sure to happen to all of us at some point or another. Whether you are struggling with how to start your next project, having trouble completing a current piece of work or just need some fresh ideas or a change of pace, here are ten ways to overcome artists block and get those creative juices flowing again.

1. Inspire Yourself with Creativity
Help free that creative block by browsing over 20,000 FREE design ideas in Fire Mountain Gems and Beads' Gallery of Designs.

View every little detail up-close with the magnifying zoom tool and use the printer-friendly format to print and post ideas around your workspace. Designs include links to materials lists and/or product suggestions for your creative convenience.

The inspirational pieces are organized by jewelry style, making it a breeze to find exactly what you are looking for. The Gallery of Designs includes contest-winning pieces from Fire Mountain Gems and Beads, Bead Dreams, Bead Star and Swarovski contests.

Gallery of Designs

2. Find a FREE Project
Let your mind switch gears by starting a different project to overcome your artist's block. It's easy to find a new project idea, complete with step-by-step, printable instructions in the Jewelry-Making Projects collection. Simply browse through project ideas or search to find a project to get your creative juices flowing.

Free Beading Instructions

3. Check in on Other's Creativity
Take a break from your work and connect with us and other jewelry-artists on Facebook and Twitter for project ideas, jewelry-making tips, free resources, designer-artist profiles and much, much more. Subscribe to Fire Mountain Gems and Beads' YouTube channel to view and share free jewelry-making how-to videos for endless inspiration.

4. Learn a New Technique
Discover new techniques that'll break designer block by sharpening your skills with instructional how-to videos with printable instructions. Find over 300 videos, organized in a simple-to-search collection, ready to make your artist's block a thing of the past.

Jewelry-Making Video How-To's

5. See What's Hot
Take some time to relax and view seasonal color palettes and corresponding trends, matched with jewelry design ideas and suggested products for instant inspiration in Fire Mountain Gems and Beads' Jewelry-Making Trends. Download free color forecasts and view jewelry design ideas "as seen in" top fashion magazines to prompt creativity and moved past artist's block.

Fashion Spotlight

6. Read Jewelry-Making Articles
Find a comfortable space to take your mind off your creative block and enjoy a comprehensive collection of jewelry-making articles by industry experts to boost your jewelry-making knowledge and beading business.

Jewelry-Making Articles

7. Discover New Products
Sometimes the best way to break out of a creative rut is to experiment with something new. Find an ever-expanding new product selection to keep you on your creative toes. Many new products include a featured design inspiration as well.

Hot Jewelry-Making Products

8. Browse a Jewelry Maker's Catalog
Request a FREE jewelry-maker's catalog full of the best-selling jewelry-making supplies and new inspirational design ideas. Take the catalog on the go for an artist's block cure at your fingertips.

Catalog Request

9. Find a Cause
Creating jewelry for a cause you care about may light your creative fire. Search through the ''Awareness Ribbons: Color and Cause Guide'' to see the meaning behind the colors of ribbons and get product suggestions for designing awareness jewelry with Swarovski® crystal beads.

Top 10 ways to Cure a Creative Block

10. Meet other Top Designer-Artists
The featured designer-artists represent a range of artistic styles, all offering inspiration to others. Cure your own creative block by discovering their stories and learn how they have turned their passions into thriving successes.

Meet Top Jewelry Artists Sharing Their Success Stories

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