Online Marketing with Twitter

by Amy, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

Twitter is a platform used by millions. And while a tweet has a relatively short shelf life, it is a great tool for connecting with other jewelry makers and influencers. It's also a great way to get your brand out there.

Plan, Plan, Plan

When getting started with Twitter, try to have a plan. Ask yourself: How will it fit with the other platforms you are using? How could it be used to work with your website or a blog if you have one? Who will you be trying to reach? The answers to those questions can help to give you direction and focus.

While Twitter is a fast-paced and often off-the-cuff platform, tweets can be written ahead of time. Use a spreadsheet and group each tweet with relevant hashtags and any media you wish to use. It's also helpful to schedule some time to research hashtags. Preparing ahead of time like this allows you to craft a meaningful tweet while avoiding things like typos or other errors.

Reaching Out

For many, this can be the most difficult part. Start with those you already interact with and go from there. Include a Twitter link in your business emails, website and other platforms to make it easy to follow you.

Tweet regularly but be balanced with how often. When people feel bombarded with posts, they will either start to ignore them or, even worse, unfollow you altogether.

Be sure to engage with followers and others in the jewelry design community. Respond promptly to messages to show that you are accessible.

Timing is Everything

Since a tweet has a limited lifespan, experiment with the timing. When will people be the most likely to see your tweet? Do they tend to look at social media after work, or maybe during their lunch hour? It's a good idea to schedule messages to coincide with special events, like a crafter's market you will be at or a new blog article on your website.

To schedule the posting of your content automatically, use the Twitter calendar.

Be Friendly and Helpful

Keep your tone friendly and helpful. Imagine yourself as one of your followers. What would you like to see in your feed? What would you find useful? What would make you feel good? If your messages are beneficial and good-natured, they will help you build a strong rapport with your audience, and they will be much more likely to retweet your post, helping you reach new people.

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