Royal Blues

Design Idea 88FG Necklace
by Susanne Kathol, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

Sapphire blue is a perennially popular and reliable jewelry color. After years of sitting on the sidelines, it suddenly swam back into focus in November of 2010, when Prince William presented his bride-to-be Kate Middleton with his late mother's 18-carat oval blue sapphire engagement ring.

The re-emergence of Princess Diana's famous ring, one of the most famous pieces of jewelry in the world, paired with a now famous blue wrap dress, showcased the hue to the world. Since then, the significance of this ring--and its lush color--has filtered into a wide range of designer collections.

Where Royal Blue Has a Place

Blue, of course, is richly traditional for weddings, with the old saying "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue" being the impetus for blue details or accent colors in a range of bridal styles. Whether as bold as blue cummerbunds and boutonnieres or as subtle as the blue ribbon hidden in the seam of Meghan Markle's wedding gown, blue is a richly symbolic color for brides and weddings.

Royal Blues

Of course, in the lively worlds of culture and fandom (and where they intersect in weddings, costuming and other creative expressions), blue is connected intimately with a range of films, television shows, animated characters and more. From Luke Skywalker's lightsaber to the starship Enterprise's engine lights to Doctor Who's police box, blue has deep resonance among participants in these common cultural moments. All this exposure and emotional investment is showing up in fashion, too.

Royal Blues

Looking back at color trends for more than a decade, discerning jewelry makers can see that a rich blue (in a variety of hues) appears in almost every season. In Spring/Summer 2008, it was called Adroit, while Fall-Winter 2008-2009 included Midnight Sapphire and Patriotic Blue. This continued on through the years and seasons with Midnight Sky (Spring/Summer 2009); Delft, Maritime Blue and Forget-Me-Not (Fall/Winter 2009-2010); Nautical Blue (Fall/Winter 2010-2011); 1st Place, Aegean and Eclipse (Spring/Summer 2011); Galaxy and Abyss (Spring/Summer 2012); Avalanche, Powersuit and Vivid (Fall/Winter 2012-2013); Ultramarine and Wading Pool (Spring/Summer 2014); Glacier Crystal, Acadian, Arctic Night (Fall/Winter 2014-2015); Bliss and Hellgate (Spring/Summer 2015); Waves (Fall/Winter 2015-2016); Estuary (Spring/Summer 2016); Amazon (Fall/Winter 2016-2017); Hammock (Spring/Summer 2017); United (Fall/Winter 2017-2018); Ionian Waters, Clean Cut, New Wave and Villa (Spring/Summer 2018); Huckleberry (Fall/Winter 2018-2019) and Fusion (Spring/Summer 2018).

Spring/Summer 2019 Color Forecast - Fusion Fall/Winter 2018-19 Color Forecast - Huckleberry Spring/Summer 2014 Color Forecast - Ultramarine
Spring/Summer 2018 Color Forecast - Ionian Waters Spring/Summer 2018 Color Forecast - Clean Cut Fall/Winter 2014-15 Color Forecast - Glacier Crystal
Fall/Winter 2017-18 Color Forecast - United Spring/Summer 2016 Color Forecast - Estuary Spring/Summer 2015 Color Forecast - Bliss
Spring/Summer 2018 Color Forecast - Villa

Designing with Royal Blue

This versatile and regal color makes a great accent, focal or overall theme in jewelry designs. Blue is already one of the most popular colors, symbolizing loyalty, peacefulness and tranquility. Therefore, as you plan your fall/winter jewelry lines, you can't go wrong with sapphire-blue materials.

Royal Blues

Sapphire blue works well with all different types of metals and is also stunning when blended with other shades of blue. The Crystal Passions® and Celestial Crystal® shop-by-color menu selections make it easy to incorporate this color into jewelry designs.

September's birthstone, the sapphire is one of the most precious, historically important and valuable gemstones. The next hardest gemstone material after diamonds, sapphires are valued for their strong luster and hardness. Sapphire jewelry can stand the test of time, being worn in both rings and bracelets without being scratched. This gives sapphire and sapphire-inspired jewelry a sense of longevity and brings an heirloom quality to each piece.

Royal Blues

The good news is you don't have to use real sapphires to create these royal looks. Materials ranging from acrylic, to other gemstones, crystals and glass can be used to bring a modern feel to this ongoing color trend.

Royal Blues

Treat your customers to royal style by incorporating this color into your designs. View the virtual color wheel tool to select which colors to match with blue in your designs. Also, here are some product suggestions and design ideas for creative inspiration.

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