by Jake Woolley, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

What makes your style, jewelry and business exceptional and worthwhile?

Jewelry makers and customers are intrigued to know the artist behind the jewelry and the brains behind the business. The Jewelry Artist Success Stories page is an effective vehicle for communicating who you are, what inspires your style and a chance to market your success. We strongly encourage you take advantage of this free networking tool and share your story, as well as discover how fellow artisans have gained success in the industry.

Self-promotion is one of the most important things a jewelry business owner or entrepreneurial artist can do. One of the key elements to successfully getting your name out there is through a personal biography. Gain the most from the Jewelry Artist page by sharing the website with your friends, family and customers. Further expand your artistic reputation and business by linking to your Jewelry Artist page from your personal website, blog, Facebook, Google+ and other personal sales accounts like Etsy and eBay.

Another huge benefit of Jewelry Artist Success Stories is knowing that a large community of creative minds are willing to share their experiences to help one another. The jewelry-making community loves to learn about other artists. They want to see who you are and what you create, but most importantly, help promote you and your designs.

We've separated the Jewelry Artist Success Stories page into four categories, making it easier to navigate and find a specific artist. The categories are Cover Artists, Employee Artists, Contest Artists and Success Stories. Here's how these categories can benefit you:

Cover Artists:
In this section you'll find the personal bios of jewelry makers that have been featured on the covers of Fire Mountain Gems and Beads catalogs, as well as in industry magazines. The drop-down tabs allow you to sort by year for the catalogs or by a specific magazine.

Employee Artists:
The Fire Mountain family has a host of talented employee artists that love jewelry-making as much as you. Take a look at the individuals who work every day to bring you the products you love, and design jewelry along the way.

Contest Artists:
Learn about the winners and finalists of Fire Mountain Gems and Beads' jewelry-making contests. Be inspired by the artists' winning pieces and compelling backgrounds. Use the alpha tabs to search for artists by their first name.

Success Stories:
Jewelry makers around the world have a chance to share their experiences, styles and jewelry-making advice. Read about fellow jewelry makers and see what spurs their inspiration and strengthens their business. The alpha tabs allow you to search for artists by their first name.

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Where do I submit my information?

Click on the "Share your story" section located below the Jewelry Artist Categories and fill out the information sheet. To get the most out of your personal bio, we recommend you submit a photo of yourself, your favorite project and feel free to include a link to your website, if available.

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