Establishing a Presence for Your Small Business on the Internet

No more than 50 years ago, small beading business owners were able to easily make a name for themselves through methods such as print ads and word of mouth. However, times have changed in the Digital Age, so much so that people now expect all businesses to have their information available online.

The Internet can help you propel your business

Regardless of how tech-savvy you are, you will be required to utilize the Internet one way or another to successfully propel your small beading business. Even the most experienced entrepreneurs know that the World Wide Web is crucial to their long-term success in the industry. reports that although it is necessary to use the Internet to build a foundation for your small business, it is crucial to make sure you are going about it the right way. For instance, a sloppy small beading business website may make you look less reputable next to industry competitors. Failing to establish a presence on social networking sites might leave your consumers at a loss when they are trying to contact you.

There are a few obvious things that you should include on your company website and social networking profiles: phone number, office address, email address. However, it may be what you aren't thinking of right off the bat that ends up turning potential customers away from your small beading business. Here are a few ways to make sure you aren't driving away consumers with your World Wide Web presence, or lack there of:
  1. List your privacy policy in detail. If you are giving customers the opportunity to do business with you over the Internet, it is important that you lay out the fine print for your audience. Although you might not read between the lines, many customers find this to be important prior to conducting business with a company. Consumers want to know how their personal information is going to be protected if they submit it to you over the Internet. Not only will laying out the details help educate your customers, but it will also show a certain level of respect.
  2. Utilize customer testimony. If you plan on making small beading jewelry sales over the Internet, it is important for you to post reviews of your products on your website or social networking profile. Although you might be uncomfortable with the prospect of publishing poor reviews, have confidence in your ability as an entrepreneur. Consumers often look for reviews prior to purchasing a product to reassure them that they are making the right decision. Simply having the testimonials present on your website can give you the opportunity to build your client base.
  3. Make your small business appear personal. When thinking out of the box, consider establishing a website presence for your staff as well as yourself. Instead of just creating a social networking profile for your small beading business, create one for you and encourage your employees to do the same. Customers often like knowing that they can get to know business owners on a personal level upon forging relationships. Social networking sites, such as LinkedIn and Facebook, are ideal for business owners who want to maintain a professional, yet interesting presence on the Internet.
  4. Stay active. Although it can be difficult to keep up with multiple social networking profiles, it may be well worth it in the end. Customers who see that you are dedicated to publishing fresh content on your Facebook and Twitter accounts are more likely to continue following you. This can increase client retention and help you when it comes to word-of-mouth marketing. Try to make your posts interactive as well - publish links to videos or articles that pertain to your business. This can help provide customers with insight into your business operations and values.
  5. Stay connected to employees, investors and business partners. Temple University recently reported that one of the biggest advantages to utilizing social networking is the ability to stay connected with those you do business with. Don't underestimate the opportunity to keep in touch with distributors, manufacturers and investors. This can strengthen your relationship and improve your chances of success over time.
  6. Make sure you're responsive. There is hardly a point to using a social networking site or hosting a website if you don't intend on associating with your target audience. Make it a priority to be responsive to those who interact with you on the Internet. Your clients may have valuable information and intuitive questions for you. In turn, this can help you hone in on areas for improvement as you grow as a small beading business. To make things easier, consider setting up an email account strictly for feedback or questions pertaining to business operations.