Using Twitter to Promote a Small Beading Business

Whether or not you consider yourself to be tech-savvy, you'll need to adapt to the World Wide Web if you want to broaden your horizons as a small beading business owner. Social networking may seem better left to kids, but more companies are using these websites to expand their client bases.

In the Digital Age, nearly everyone has access to the internet--adults included. Teens may be primarily known for taking advantage of websites, such as Facebook and Twitter, but these places have quickly become playgrounds for wealthy companies.

Even if it's not your goal to use social networking sites to build a foundation for your company, you will need to do so to maintain an edge on the competition. If you're not using Twitter, chances are a handful of your competitors are and they're reaching out to your potential clients.

Twitter can be beneficial for entrepreneurs.

Setting up a Facebook page can seem time-consuming and intimidating for many people, but Twitter is the perfect solution to these fears. Entrepreneurs can update followers on the latest news about their small beading business in 280 characters or less--no pressure to write an extended article on a regular basis.

Many people turn to Twitter for its simplicity. However, the social networking site is only as useful as small business owners make it. Making the right updates at the opportune time is the most efficient way to use Twitter to your advantage. lists a few ways that individuals can utilize Twitter to promote their small beading business, keep up with competitors and gain new clients:
  • In the biography section of your Twitter page, make sure to link to your business and any other important sites that may be of use to your followers. The first step is getting people to visit your Twitter, but once you've done that, it's crucial for you to provide them with important information. Being helpful can also increase the chances of an individual returning to your website.
  • Always make sure to link to content. It's acceptable to post blurbs on breaking news occurring at your small beading business throughout the week. However, Tweets that you make about specific news affecting your company should include a follow-up link. Doing so will make sure you're providing your customers with the most information possible, helping them feel like they're in the loop. People also appreciate when they don't have to dig for extra information.
  • If you have another social networking profile, make sure to link to it on your Twitter. The account is one of the many ways that you can continue to build upon your presence on the internet. If you already have a profile on Facebook or LinkedIn, remember to publicize that on your Twitter account. Many people may not have thought to search for your small beading business on these websites. Check to see if there are ways to link your other social networking profiles to your Twitter account as well.
  • Consider the retweeting factor. reports that part of making a presence on websites such as Twitter is giving your followers the ability to spread the word. On Twitter, users can retweet other individuals' posts, such as updates you write about your small beading business. To encourage others to retweet your posts, make them short. Because you can only write 280 characters at a time, information may be automatically cut off by the website when retweeted. Try to keep your user name short as well to save characters.
  • Tweet during business hours. says that the best time to post updates is during business hours on East Coast time. Many people utilize their computers within these hours.
"Generally, past noon Pacific Time is less useful," Penny Sansevieri, CEO of Author Marketing Experts, told the news source. "Retweeting starts to drop off toward the end of the day."

Making sure your clients have the chance to read your Tweets is crucial to getting the most out of your social networking profile. If you post updates during the wee hours of the morning, they may be buried by other tweets by the next day.
  • Remember to use hash tags. One of the most unique things about Twitter is the ability to track popular topics by beginning one with a hash tag. Twitter follows these posts and has a section on its website dedicated to trending topics. If you're making a post about jewelry, you might want to tag is as "#jewelry" in an update to make it easy to find for other users when they search for the word on Twitter. Utilizing hash tags may seem like a frivolous concern, but keep in mind that you're helping potential clients find your website.