Choosing an Effective Name for Your Beading Business

So you've decided to open up your own bead store and you're ready to get started. First things first--it's time to choose a name.

Deciding on what to call your business can be a tricky process. After all, this is how you--not to mention your scores of beading creations--will be identified throughout the years.

According to an expert at, entrepreneurs who plan on running a small enterprise can personalize their business by incorporating their own name into it. Artisans with names that begin with the letter "B" may especially be in luck!

Of course, those who foresee their company skyrocketing to success and expanding in the near future may want to do otherwise.

"Do you hope instead to grow into a midsize or even a very large business?" the expert at the news source muses. "Then it's probably better to not use your name, especially when it comes time to sell the business, so it's not solely tied to the owner."

Your beading business name should also be catchy and memorable. If it's too wordy or hard to pronounce, customers may quickly forget it. Think alliteration and rhyming: use similar sounding words to create a jingle-like title. It may seem cheesy, but doing so can pay off--literally.

Sometimes, less is more. Keep this in mind when brainstorming a company name. Although you may be inclined to use vivid adjectives, it's not always the most effective way to convey your beading business mission.

Instead, try to stick to one or two adjectives that simplify what you're trying to do as an entrepreneur. Sometimes, minimalism is an easy way to get consumers curious as to what you're selling. Once you have their interest, the rest will come easier to your small beading business.

Be mindful of the fact that the name you choose for your company will be sticking with you throughout its existence. It's very rare and often difficult for a business to change its name and continue to maintain its success.

Remember, your happiness with this decision is vital, as the name of your store is something that will be on your mind for years to come. So choose wisely! Taking the time to brainstorm will prevent it from becoming a title you'll learn to regret.