Making Sure Your Office Space is Suitable for Your Small Business

Once you begin your small business, you'll want to start thinking about the space you will be working in. Whether you choose to conduct operations in a commercial space or at home, having a well-decorated and productive environment to get the job done can be beneficial to your company over time.

Many people don't put much thought into their workspace, which can result in numerous problems. After a few months, papers begin to pile up and important documents get lost. This can essentially slow down your business and hinder your growth.

"If you come into the office and everything looks uniform, gray, bland and boring, your thinking tends to be that way. If you come into a place that's stimulating, your mind will become more creative," Alex Kjerulf, a Denmark-based consultant, told

An uncomfortable office space can also make it difficult to stay focused and motivated. If you don't feel good about the area around you, it can be hard to want to stay there and be productive on a regular basis. Although many entrepreneurs don't think about these type of concerns before starting a small business, mapping out a strategy for a workspace can be beneficial.

Depending on the type of space you will be working in, you will need to consider different furniture and assets to place in your space.

Home Office

Your home office should be comfortable and welcoming.

If you intend on working from home, there are a few key things that you need to be sure of before you begin the furnishing process. First, the space you choose to work in must be away from distractions that can take away from your productivity on a regular basis.

It isn't uncommon for entrepreneurs to work from home, especially when they solely operate their business online. However, failing to make preparations before completely conducting business at home can result in a lack of production and growth for a company.

First, it's important to choose a space that will be far away from other people in the home. As much as you love your family, they can stand between you and success for your small business. If you have to tend to the family pet or babysit the children during work hours, chances are you'll be too distracted to get any work done.

After you designate an area of your home for work, you can begin to consider furnishings for the space. It's important to make sure that you have all of the organizational items you need to keep everything in check. This means buying a filing cabinet or two to make sure that no crucial documents get lost. You might also have to consider buying Velcro ties to keep your wiring out of the way once you hook up your computer, printer and other pieces of technology.

Because of this, make sure you have an office space that has enough room for you to move around. Feeling cramped might hinder your creative process and make you want to avoid spending an ample amount of time in the room.

Finally, bring in a desk that is large enough to hold all of your technology while allowing you to sit comfortably in front of the computer to complete business operations.

Commercial Space

If you've rented a space for your small business operations, it's equally important to make organization a priority. Use the space to the best of your ability--bring in as many filing cabinets and desks that you need to make sure you and your staff can stay on top of business on a day-to-day basis. Make sure you have a stocked supply of stationery to provide you and your employees with all of the resources you need to get the job done.

Having a storefront and an office gives you more leeway to get creative during the decorating process. Consider adding a new splash of paint on the wall to brighten up the space and make it your own. While you don't have to be cliche and put motivational posters on the wall, it might be nice to have some art to look at and spur your creativity.

Comfort should be a priority in a commercial space as well. Treat the office like your home away from home--make sure you and your staff have comfortable chairs and desks. Bring in a water cooler and a table that's big enough to cater to everyone during their hard-earned lunch breaks. Making an effort to keep yourself comfortable on a regular basis will make you happier to be in your office. In turn, you're likely to stay motivated and productive, which can benefit your small business over time.