Preparing for Growth Challenges as a Small Business Owner

Although many beading business owners are convinced that their company is destined for success, not all goals can be reached without a little planning. Most entrepreneurs know the importance of creating a detailed business plan, but many fail to consider adding growth to their itinerary.

Whether you expect your beading business to grow at a rapid pace or intend to take things slow, these factors should be incorporated into your overall business plan. Because you have addressed the issue of growth, you will be prepared for wherever your company takes you, whether it's the fast lane or the slow road.

There are a few ways that you can incorporate growth into your plan to secure your business, regardless of what comes your way. First, it's important to understand how your beading business is staying afloat. Not only can this help you hone in on problem areas, but it can identify where you have room for growth.

Making note of how your business continues to find success can help you predict growth trends as well. For instance, if your main clientele is women, you may be able to expect to see an influx of business during holidays, such as Valentine's Day. Although it may seem like a small thing to make note of, being able to keep track of the growth of your business on any scale can give you an advantage.

Next, it can be beneficial to create a strategy for transition in your business plan. This means preparing yourself for abrupt changes in growth. For instance, you might want to plan to hire additional staff during this time period to cope with advances in your company. You don't have to make sure that all of the details are completely hammered out in your back-up plan, but it's best to have some sort of strategy in place than nothing at all.

Assistants can help you handle fast growth.

One plan that should have the details worked out is your strategy designed to cater to definitive changes in your business. These include any new ventures that you may consider along the line that could spur growth. In order to make sure your plan is flawless, it's best to weigh the risks that will come with taking advantage of new opportunities.

"You have to ask yourself if you're ready to ride that roller coaster of pursuing a new venture, and understand that there may be stumbles you hit in the road," financial consultant John Gillespie told

To make sure you're prepared for anything that your beading business may come across, it's important to invest in a viable human resources department. Even if you're just in the initial stages of your career as an entrepreneur, it's not a bad idea to at least hire one other person to help you manage your human resources.

Having the assistance available to you will help make sure that everything transitions smoothly when your company goes through an unexpected growth spurt. Some employees may be on edge as the changes are occurring, including yourself. This is when a reliable human resources department can come in handy.

"Depending on how long a company has been in that survival mode, you may have very good people who are very tired," Elizabeth Gasper, managing director of the Beyond the Bottom Line company, told the news source. "In turnarounds I've dealt with, it's been important to have some honest conversations with existing staff members to find out if they have the stomach to focus on new initiatives."

Incorporating a strategy to manage your company's growth can give you peace of mind. However, there are some things that beading business owners just can't predict, such as fast growth. During these instances, not all success is positive. Oftentimes, a flood of new demands and responsibilities can sink a company that is not prepared for the rush.

To make sure your beading business doesn't become a casualty of its own success, consider creating a back-up financial fund to deal with overwhelming growth. Because you will have more customers to satisfy, it's important that you have the funds to continue to manufacture your goods to meet these demands.

You might also want to consider expanding your staff during times of abrupt growth. Even though it seems like a costly initiative, your success will help pay it off over time. With additional help, you'll also be able to play the role of the leader for your beading business. By making a few extra plans to handle the blessing of company growth, you can make sure that your business has a strong foundation for whatever issues may come its way.