Broadening Your Client Base Through Location-Based Marketing

Entrepreneurs are always concerned about how they're going to attract new customers to their business even if they know they already have a niche audience to target. However, many new beading business owners are often blinded by their own passion. It's not uncommon for inexperienced entrepreneurs to think that every consumer shares their love of beading and will immediately flock to their company.

Eventually, you'll find that it takes a little work to increase your consumer base beyond your target market. There are people out there who share your passion, but there are also plenty who need a little extra persuasion to go to you for their beading needs. These are the individuals that you will need to target if you want to your company to continue to grow over time.

There are a few ways to expand your client base as your beading business rolls on, and one of them is through location marketing, according to Even though you might not have put much thought into it, some of the easiest consumers to attract are the ones who are right at your doorstep.

Why rent a storefront if you aren't going to market to those who are in the area? says that there are a number of different ways that you can embark on location marketing and start to see the benefits in a short amount of time. With the internet at your fingertips, social networking can also do wonders when it comes to this method of marketing.

To begin using this tactic, it's important for you to make note of what your competitors are already doing in the industry. As always, research is key, especially if you're new to entprenreurship. Although your competitors are a constant threat to your beading business, they are also a valuable asset.

Make note of what similar stores on your block are doing to attract the locals. It may be as simple as posting ads on bulletin boards or handing out coupons at their storefront. Oftentimes, these easy tactics are effective in showing local customers that the company cares about what they're bringing to the community.

On a larger scale, you'll want your location marketing tactics to evolve over time. This means moving to the internet, no matter how little experience you have. In this day and age, it's important for you to establish a presence on the internet to gain customers from abroad as well as near your storefront. Even if you're not tech-savvy, you can always hire an experienced web professional to help you along the way. mentions a few of the most popular social networking sites that can help you extend your location marketing campaign:

  1. Facebook. Although you might think of this as more of platform for connecting with your friends, it's also a great way to build upon your business' reputation. Facebook has now opened itself up to companies, allowing them to create their own pages to promote their goods and services.

    One of the best parts of using this website to further reach out to local customers is that it's free. There is also an option for you to develop public advertisements for a small fee if you wish but developing a page for your beading business doesn't have to cost you a cent. On Facebook, users can "Like" your posts, comment on your company and even submit valuable reviews that may drive additional business. It's a simple concept, but it works.

  2. Twitter. Although the website only allows users to write brief 140 character updates, it's become one of the most popular social networking platforms for small businesses--with good reason. Similar to Facebook, Twitter does not charge users for creating an account. However, the option is always available to promote "Trending Topics" which appear on the sidebar of the homepage for every user. This can help you get your name out there if you're really looking to raise awareness of your beading business.

    Twitter is also less complicated than Facebook, giving you a slight advantage if you're a little technology-challenged. All you have to do is post an update, no more than 140 characters, in a text box on your home page. It's simple and easy, meaning you can even do it on the go. And remember: the more you update, the more likely you are to drive additional business.

  3. Foursquare. Although this site is a newcomer, it's worth using, especially for location marketing. It allows users to "check in" at their locations, meaning you can easily compile data regarding where your customers are from and where they frequent.