All About Displays: Adding Color to Booths

by Barbara van Look, Content Development Group, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

You don't make necklaces just like everyone else's. Why are you using the same displays they do?

Black, white and other neutral colors are immensely popular choices for jewelry designers to use in their booths and consignment areas. Neutral shades have many benefits--which is why everyone uses them. At a show or bazaar, customers see booth after booth of the same displays in the same positions in the same old safe neutrals.

Stand out among the other jewelry makers with the selective use of colorful displays that use powerful contrasts to make jewelry designs really pop. And since colorful silk displays are comparable in price to plain leatherette, opt for the display that gives your jewelry more bang for your buck!

Some designers choose clear or frosted transparent acrylic pieces and add dramatic, colorful back lighting to make shopping areas catch the eye. For locations with limited access to electricity--or for designers working on a budget--colorful opaque displays are an alternative that's appealing to customers yet kinder to the pocketbook.

Colorful Choices for Jewelry Displays

Acrylic displays are lightweight for tradeshow travels and sturdy enough to support heavy jewelry designs. Transparent and frosted clear acrylic displays offer multiple color opportunities to jewelry designers. You can add contrast with colorful lighting or brightly colored paper backing in a variety of shades.

Easel-back necklace displays are easy to use and easy to pack. Find them in shiny "satin" with deep blue flowers for summery designs, rich green silk for displaying jades and serpentines, and deep burgundy and brilliant red for giving gold extra kick. Easel-back designs frequently include Velcro® strips to secure the backs of jewelry pieces for ideal positioning.
Mannequin-style displays offer light-hearted and colorful whimsy to sales booths. Miniature female torsos, swathed in green or pink organza, look like elegant women in evening gowns. Use the torso and wire top rack to display necklaces, bracelets and other jewelry pieces. The rotating top rack can be removed, allowing for other presentation ideas.

Necklace displays in natural materials showcase gleaming wood and colorful silk. Sterling silver always looks spectacular against blue, while white pearls gain luster when displayed on blushing peach silk.

Velvet and velveteen necklace displays are available in deep burgundy and brilliant red, in flat multi-strand styles and curving naturalistic busts. Reds add warmth to metals and gemstones, and are ideal for yellow gold and rose gold.

Among a sea of safe, neutral shades, customers' eyes will be drawn to your booth of colorful displays and the stunning jewelry they showcase.

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