Statement Earrings

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by Sam Niemeyer, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Statement earrings are the latest jaw-dropping jewelry style that makes an undeniable impression.

What is "Statement" Jewelry?

The style "statement"--that jaw-dropping look or accessory that makes an indelible impression whenever it's seen--has been capturing attention in one form or another since the dawn of fashion.

Statements over the last half century include beehive hairdos in the '60s, huge shoulder pads in the '80s, oversized sunglasses in the '00s--and throughout these trends, statement EARRING styles have remained an area of constant experimentation and expansion. Now more than ever, the widespread appeal of bigger-bolder-better earring styles offers a fertile fashion frontier for inspired jewelry designer-artists and fashionable wearers.

Statement Earrings
Statement Earrings

Statement earrings don't have a particular set of rules regarding color, style or materials, but what they do have in common is that they are big and flashy. Enormous unique focals, dangling crystals and gem drops, ear cuffs, long streams of feathers and tassels are all classy choices for making a statement. These bold earrings, sometimes also called shoulder dusters, can reach the bottom of the chin or hang dramatically down to the collar bone. For spring, designers are featuring natural influences including butterflies, fruit and foliage.

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Hoop Statement Earrings

One of the most popular styles of statement earrings is the extra-large statement hoop. To see who's inspiring this fashion trend, look no further than the bold women from the cast of the reality show ''Basketball Wives''. They have popularized massive hoops designed by Amber eUnique for her line POParazzi as everyday wear for women and brought rhinestone-studded beads and eye-catching peacock feathers to the forefront of fashion.

Statement Earrings

Make Statement Earrings

To design your own statement earrings, start with a large hoop or build your own using full-hard wire, and add any large hole beads or components. Or, start with an ear wire and Lazer Lace™ filigree component and create amazing shoulder dusters with unfinished chain and dangles. To gain the size without the weight, feathers and tassels are not only popular, but lightweight. You don't have to only make statement hoop earrings though. Even ear stud findings or shorter lengths of super sparkly and eye-catching components can be made into statement earrings. Other statement types of earrings include front to back earrings, the single earring trend and ear frames.

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