Design Idea 742A Shoes
by Sam Niemeyer, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

High heels have always been worn as a symbol of status; in ancient Egypt the upper classes wore heels shaped like the Ankh--the symbol of life. Wooden heels were worn in the Middle Ages to keep one's feet out of the mud. And they were also worn by the Venetians who transformed the Chopine shoe into a symbol of wealth and social standing for women. This summer, you too can rise above with glamorized heels featuring custom embellishments.

Swarovski has always brought glamour and dazzle to heels. Musical-artist Beyonce, for example, wore a famous pair of $3,000 Gianmarco Lorenzi pumps embellished with Swarovski crystals. But her look wasn't about the price; it was about presenting a look of irreplaceability. With a pair of favorite heels or pumps, adhesives and Swarovski flat back rhinestones, these shoes can be custom made by anyone.

There is no limit to how bold an embellished heel can become. Victoria Beckam is known for wearing wild one-of-a-kind heels combining feathers and bright acrylic components while Kanye West introduced more elegant beaded sandals with enormous seed bead embroidered ankle cuffs.

For those who want to walk fiercely though life, take inspiration from top designers and create extravagant looks with seed beads, unfinished chain, felt components, feathers, coins, cabochons and more.

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