by Jake Woolley, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

Angels are all around us and have become a strong part of our modern day culture. Turn on the TV, open a book or surf the web and you'll come across depictions of angels. Our society has grown to love angels, and why not? For many of us they bring comfort, protection, kindness and often entertainment.

Angels have been entertaining us for years. It was heartwarming to know that Clarence finally got his wings at the end of the film "It's a Wonderful Life." In the movie "Michael," many of us understood the need for John Travolta's angel character to have a vacation and a little fun. The box office saw a warm reception towards angels during the 1990s with films like "City of Angels," "Angels in the Outfield" and "The Preacher's Wife." Although the plots of these films are very different and at times emotional, they all have a similar underlining theme of helping others and discovering something within ourselves.

With a focus on helping others, popular angel-themed television series made their way into our living rooms. "Highway to Heaven" and "Touched by an Angel" portrayed the giving nature of angels, often with a dash of humor that kept many of us looking forward to new episodes each week. Even the three beautiful private investigators of "Charlie's Angels" were busy helping people, while at the same time delivering heroic action scenes.

Every day the media gives their rendition of angels and throughout 2012, jewelry designers are being inspired to create angel-themed pieces for family, customers and charities. Angel jewelry delivers the holiday spirit all year long and enables artists to tell a story about the angels in their lives.

As the heartwarming scenes in television and movies have brightened our lives, your angel jewelry is doing the same. Continue the ripple effect of kindness using your jewelry-making skills to uplift those you connect with every day.

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