by Michelle Wood, Jewelry-Making Expert, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

Keeping the memory of past loved ones alive is interwoven within our everyday lives. When we run into trouble we ask ourselves, "What would Mom think or do?" Often the answers come to us in the form of affirmations. Be strong, live well, trust and believe. Like a guardian angel calling out words of encouragement in times of trouble, the lessons and memories of our parents and grandparents bring forth the confidence to move forward.

With the passing of our grandmothers and mothers, we find ourselves left as the matriarch of the family and frequently rely on what we have learned from these wise ladies. I find myself asking my grandmother, my guardian angel, to help and guide me in life decisions. Again and again I find the answers in the positive affirmations she instilled in me, reminding me that I am resilient, resourceful and must remain compassionate. We strive to pass on to our children, through the stories of generations past, that they too have guardian angels to help guide them through their lives with affirming truths.

Keeping these memories alive with affirmation jewelry is a great way to associate life's truths with specific loved ones. My father teaching me to be happy and realize my dreams. My grandmother telling me to pray for grace and strive for harmony within the family and home. My mother encouraging me to believe in myself and to be strong. My faith teaching me to believe in miracles and that love is my destiny. Designing and wearing angel-adorned affirmation jewelry creates a real and tangible reference to the truths and affirmations passed down from family and to be passed on for generations to come.

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