Salon Feathers for Your Hair

by Sam Niemeyer, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

Feather hair extensions are a very diverse trend, not owned by any one subculture or demographic. They are worn by women, girls and men (such as musical artist Steven Tyler). People are even applying them to their pets!

A feather extension is a hair accessory where feathers are attached to the hair using hair crimps or weaving techniques. Often, feathers are chosen to match the wearer's hair color for a natural look. Brightly colored feathers and strips of Mylar are also popular.

You don't need to go to a salon to get feather extensions. They can be easily applied by anyone using hair crimp pliers, a hair looper and hair crimps. These tools are specially designed for applying hair extensions, and no hair styling or cosmetology training is required!

The hair crimps are silicone-lined, making them safe for hair and washable over long periods of time. When crimped, they flatten into a flat rectangle that blends in with the wearer's hair. The hair crimp pliers are designed with special grooves for opening and closing hair crimps. The hair looper makes it easy to pull the hair through the crimp bead quickly and with no lumps or fly-aways.

Our entire selection of organic feathers and Mylar plastic strips can handle all the shampooing, drying, blow-drying, crimping, curling and ironing that the average wearer can dish out; although, dyeing or bleaching hair while the feathers are in place can affect the coloring of the feathers. Extensions made using the silicone-lined micro beads can last between one to six months, and are generally removed when the feather becomes worn out.

Use these simple tools to reinvent your own look or make extra profits on the side. Offering feather extensions at craft fairs and events is also an excellent way to supplement your handmade jewelry.

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