The Angels in Your Life

Design Idea C14V Earrings
by Lisa Coen, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

The Angels in Your Life

Many of us believe there are angels in our life. Not the imaginary or invisible ones, but people who look out for us, lend a helping hand or give us advice when we need them: family, friends, nurses and other health professionals, roadside mechanics, volunteers for assistance programs and many more.

To honor the angels in their lives and the lives of others, many beaders and jewelry-makers create angel-themed designs. Lisa Cohen talks about angels in your life in her Fire Mountain Gem and Beads' article Be an Angel. She begins by saying it's easy to be an angel, ''You just need to open up your heart and show kindness to others.''
Many people are already angels in practice. Perhaps they head up a children's enrichment program or charity, take an elderly friend to brunch, donate to the local food bank or drop a gift in the Toys for Tots box each Christmas. Some may simply offer a smile and "Hello" to the people they pass each day. Maybe their good deeds go unnoticed.

Just imagine how happy it would make someone to receive a surprise jewelry gift: a necklace presented to a parent honoring their son or daughter recently deployed in the military, a friendship bracelet offered to a young teenager needing a boost of self-esteem or a pair of earrings gifted to an overwhelmed new mother.

Offering kindness is a wonderful way to be an angel and uplift others, plus it makes you feel great.
And now we'll give you some help in creating your own angel-themed jewelry for the angels in your life.

Gallery of Designs

A good place to start getting some angel inspiration and design ideas is from our Gallery of Designs. Here's a link that will take you to more than 500 angel design ideas.

Let's sample a few design projects:

Here is a simply beautiful set of earrings, ''Ruby Red,'' featuring "pewter" beads and Czech pressed glass beads. The materials list and step-by-step instructions show you how easy it is to create whimsical Christmas angels for the holidays.

Design Idea 975V Earrings

Mother-of-pearl angel drops can be used as a decoration or fashion accessory. The project with instructions features Czech fire-polished glass beads, seed beads and imitation pearls.

Project F87X Earrings

The ''Blue Lace Angel Ornament'' project will make a lovely addition to any Christmas tree or decorations. And it's always satisfying to be able to point to a work of art and say, "Oh, by the way, I made that."

Design Idea AB07 Ornament

Cameo Angel Pin - Turn three filigree bead cones and a lightweight cabochon setting into a gloriously golden winged angel with a vintage touch.

Design Idea CB12 Brooch

As you might expect, the ''Star Angels'' necklace and earring set is a little more complex, but it will be worth the effort when you finish creating a trio of angels dangling from fancy star focals.

Design Idea C12D Necklace and Earrings

Here's a bonus design from the Stylish Stringing series: ''Send Me an Angel'' tassel necklace and dangle earring set. To quote from the description:

Design Idea GA3E Necklace and Earrings

Jewelry featuring angel wings carries a significant meaning of protection and safety, as if the person wearing the piece is protected beneath the wing of an angel. Angels are often associated with the feelings of purity, love, courage, compassion and protection, giving designs an uplifting look and feel.

If you want to create angels from scratch, here's a list of angel beads and components.


Fire Mountain Gems and Beads has dozens of articles about angels and creating angel-themed jewelry on its website.

Here are a few highlights:
In addition to Christmas, angels are for all-year round. This article shows how to incorporate angels into Thanksgiving décor to show our gratitude for the angels we have in our lives and to share our love with random acts of kindness towards others.
Also in our collection of angel articles are the many personal angel stories shared with us by members of our beading and jewelry-making community. For example, designer-artist Anita Russell, as described in her Angel Story, makes angel pins and brooches with her own twist, "Not with a traditional look but the way I see angels. I am inspired by a color, a texture, or a shape. Usually I pick one piece of my angel and build focusing on how that piece can make my total effort come alive." She has donated some of her angel pins to the Circle of Hope Beads, inspired by her daughter recovering from breast cancer.

Design Idea G76G Brooch and Earrings Design Idea D13Z Brooch

Here are just a few examples of Angel Stories:

And here, we'd like to invite you to share and interact with others. Use this link to submit your personal angel story.

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