The Angel's ''Shush''

by Barbara van Look, Content Development Group, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

Every mother's child is her own little angel--especially to brand-new moms. Those eyes that seem to hold all the secrets of heaven, those perfect rosebud lips and, right above, that little divot the angels made.

Do you know that angel story? It's very sweet.

That little divot above the mouth is in an area called the philtrum, which comes from ancient Greek. It's where the two halves of the body meet as the embryo develops. Sometimes the two sides don't meet all the way, resulting in a cleft lip (also called a "hare lip" or "cat's mouth"). The two lines are called philtral columns, the divot between them is the philtral dimple.

There is a lot of folklore surrounding that dimple:

Some stories say it was where Adam was touched to bring the breath of life into him. In Eastern folk medicine, practicioners will press the philtrum to wake an unconscious person. In the Philippines, the encantos (magical creatures similar to fairies) are identified by their lack of a philtrum.

According to the Jewish Talmud, every baby is taught the entire Torah in the womb. Just before the child draws its first breath, an angel touches it right above the mouth and says, "Shhhh," making that dimple. And the baby forgets any knowledge of the Torah, heaven or the hereafter.

Be sure to share this story with the jewelry you make, so moms who see those big eyes and rosebud lips can wonder what secrets the angels shushed.

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