Part 2: How to Choose an Online Marketplace

by Sam Niemeyer, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

A large selection of websites are available to help you sell your handmade-jewelry online. Finding existing sites isn't the issue, the trick is to find online marketplaces that are safe, supportive of jewelry artists and well-known by potential customers. Here are four sites that make this cut. They're large, popular on multiple continents and already have an established handmade-jewelry community.

Etsy is the most popular online marketplace for artisans, with the largest number of visitors looking specifically for handmade goods. It supports all artists from professional to amateur and is a good site for eclectic, trendy and top-dollar designs.

Ruby Lane, compared to Etsy, tends to feature jewelry that's less on the trendy side and more elegant and classical. You will also be competing against non-artisan items, but there is still plenty of room for unique, well presented jewelry.

ArtFire is one of the most professional sites out there for jewelry designers, but it's highly competitive and ensures its quality with a monthly fee. It's a good choice for experienced designers.

Bonanza (1000 Markets) categorizes its listings into sections including "For Her," "For Him" and seasonal categories. This can make it difficult for your work to be found simply by browsing, although you are more likely to be featured.

The examples above are only a small portion of online marketplaces out there for jewelry designers. There are marketplaces available for specific countries or continents and others specialize in certain styles or cater to various sub-cultures. The following tips will help you understand how to choose the best site for you and your jewelry.
  • Research seller and customer complaints on the internet and in each site's community forums. If an online marketplace has a history of miscommunication, failed money transactions or lost information, you won't want to subscribe with them. Also, review the site's customer and buyer services to see how they intend to solve problems before they happen.
  • Review the fees and services on each site before creating an account. Most online marketplaces have a free basic seller's package and offer monthly subscriptions for those who want more services. Make sure you understand and can meet the rules and conditions of being a seller.
  • Gauge the competition. When choosing a site you like, try searching for the types of pieces and styles you make. This will tell you if the potential customers who use the website will be interested in your designs. Also, if there are many people selling the same things and you can't compete through prices or marketing, you may want to choose another site.
  • Lastly, make sure you like the appearance and atmosphere of the site. Check out the online community (most sites will have forums for buyers and sellers to communicate and have discussions). Does the site look like a place you want to be part of? The site should be a place that excites and inspires you.
Remember, you can always cancel an account and choose another site--all websites make it possible for you to close an account you created at any time. The next step, once you've found the site that's right for you, is to focus on presentation and marketing to help make your online shop profitable!

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"On the article concerning internet marketplaces for your items, I would have preferred some more innovative solutions. All the sites mentioned we have dropped as being too expensive in these times. We are desperately trying to keep a family of 4 afloat with an awful credit past, a disabled breadwinner, an exhausted breadwinner, a stay home adult teen with some problems and a teen at college we are frantically scrambling around to find the money to get her through. We are using blogs, teaching, Etsy, Facebook and combinations to get it out to the people for her. This article thinks too much in the box for those of us living closer to the edge."
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