Style Snapshot: Summer 2013 Jewelry Trends
by Susanne Kathol, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

The forecast is calling for lots of sun and lots of jewelry this summer. Jewelry is brightening up the summer fashion scene, filling the runways, flooding artisan markets, retail stores and more. It's captivating in every sense of the word. From the jingle of charm bracelets and elaborate texture of collar necklaces, to the visual art of exaggerated-length earrings and the rich smell of leather, jewelry will be front and center this summer.

The hot jewelry directions for Summer 2013 include Sea Charmer, Retro Rage and Tribal Craft. Here are some color suggestions, influential materials and motifs, design ideas for creative inspiration and finished jewelry selections for style-ready resale.

The sun-kissed glow of summer is seen in saturated brights, candy pastel colors and lots of pink. Pink is practically a primary color this season, spanning from ballet pink to hot pink and everything in between. These beachy tones are perfectly complemented by iridescent metallics, inspired by nacre (mother-of-pearl shell). Jewelry designs take on a fresh feel this season as charm bracelets, tassel necklaces and earrings dress up even the most casual summer styles.

This season is all about beachcombing as designers collect sea-inspired beads, charms, pendants and components and add them into jewelry designs. Popular design elements include seashells, starfish, lobsters, crabs, seahorses and coral twigs. Shell beads and components such as puka shell, paua shell, black, brown and golden lip shell and mother-of-pearl shell are natural choices. Simply string these onto colorful rubber cord or aluminum chain for stunning pendant necklaces.

Sea life-themed Hill Tribes fine silver beads, components, drops and pendants combine beautifully with Swarovski crystal in beach-related shapes, such as starfish, coral branches and shells. Nautical-inspired large-link chain and rope chain are hot products. Designers are knotting stringing materials, pearl necklaces and designs for additional sea-going embellishment.
Design Idea 610L Necklace

Prized for their beauty, size and color, pearls are popping up in cluster formations in cocktail rings, hoop earrings and long necklace strings. The variety of sizes and colors available in cultured freshwater pearls, glass pearls and Swarovski pearls offer endless design possibilities.

Design with ... View more Sea Charmer design ideas for summertime inspiration.

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Flower-power gets the green light this season as jewelry colors and themes are inspired by bold blooms. Molded roses and daisies are bursting into designs, adding a '50s and '60s feel to jewelry. Bring this look into your jewelry lines with colorful enamel and acrylic pendants and drops, and flower-shaped components.

Plate necklaces, geometric-shaped earrings and enameled bracelets represent this season's art deco influence. Over-the-top jewels and rhinestones are added for a spectacular presentation. Create this deco-inspired look with Almost Instant Jewelry® settings designed specifically for fancy stones and cabochons. Also add instant sparkle to jewelry components with Swarovski flat back rhinestones.

This style continues with geometrically inspired shapes in metal and wood beads and components, Swarovski crystal pendants, lightweight Lazer Lace™ filigree drops and plated components offer a budget-friendly way to make big geometric statements. Experiment with dichroic glass beads to add color and an arty appeal to jewelry designs.

Plastic is exploding as a key material this season, resulting in a retro-futuristic look. Create your own faux glass jewelry or bead designs with easy-to-use Friendly Plastic®. Acrylic beads are perfect for fun and functional summertime jewelry.
Design Idea A8J1 Necklace

There's big demand for large hoop earrings or dangly earrings with geometric components, and chunky necklace and bracelet designs. Gold and rose gold colored components are dominant, bringing a warm glow to jewelry designs.

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Gemstones such as jade, lapis lazuli, green malachite, red jasper and blue turquoise are setting off spiky tribal and fringed necklaces. These same bold colors are transferring over to acrylic beads and other materials. And the ever-flattering earth tone palette provides a perfect background as wood beads and leather come into play.

Texture is key as carved and polished gemstone beads and cabochons are found in clustered patterns and seen in combination with religious emblems and mystic motifs, such as cross and winged charms. Feathers offer an unexpectedly fun addition to jewelry designs. Combine feather accents with Swarovski crystal for a contrasting statement and blend with wood beads for an artisan appeal.

Hammered metal beads and components bring an instant artisan look and feel to pieces. Designers are choosing leather as the base material for bracelets or incorporating leather/suede strips into necklaces and earrings. Apply Gilders Paste® to leather to create a myriad of effects--colors can be mixed or layered for an endless palette of designs.

The wrist is definitely on display this summer with bangles, cuffs and thick leather bracelets, stacked high for making a big impression.
Design Idea C70W Necklace

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Additional Resources: * Information provided in this article is based on runway reports, industry tradeshows and trend reporting from The Worth Global Style Network (WGSN), a leading online trend-analysis and research service.

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