Understanding the Do's and Don'ts of Pinterest for Business

When it comes to your beading company, you'll want to dedicate a portion of your time to marketing and making sure everyone knows who you are, what you sell and what services you provide. In the digital age, it's becoming easier for entrepreneurs to do this on the Internet, whether they sell jewelry-making supplies, clothing or toys.

Social networking continues to revolutionize the way small business owners interact with customers and one website that is growing in popularity is Pinterest. This website allows users to create boards where they can "pin" or upload photos that pertain to their interests.

Pinterest can be especially helpful to an entrepreneur selling beading supplies and jewelry because it allows him or her to post appealing photos of merchandise. The website is fairly easy to use and maintain, which suits those who want to keep things simple when it comes to social networking. However, there are a few faux pas to be mindful of when using Pinterest and acknowledging them sooner rather than later can make sure your account is as efficient as possible. Consider the following pointers to make the most of your Pinterest experience.

  1. Make a group board

    On Pinterest, the boards where you post your favorite photos don't have to be completely private--you can create a group board where others can post similar photos. Entrepreneur.com states that making group boards is an efficient way to get users involved and interested in what you have to offer.
  2. Pin and "like" others' photos

    Another key to attracting attention on Pinterest is to be social. Even though your Pinterest isn't a personal account, you can still use it to associate with other people on the site. "Like" posts or repin photos that you find relevant to your beading company. If you want to take it one step further, consider commenting on a few photos here and there. These small details can go a long way when increasing the relevance of your own page.
  3. Do not blatantly advertise your goods and services

    American Express Open Forum reports that Pinterest's policy states that the website should not be used for explicit advertising purposes--for the sake of your account, it's best to adhere by these rules. Customers will quickly catch on to any direct advertising ploys you try to pull, steering them away from your page. Furthermore, you may even start to be considered a spammer, in which case, Pinterest might exercise penalties for being bothersome to others.
  4. Browse the website

    PRDaily.com reports that in order to make the most of your own Pinterest, there is a little research in order. Look around to see what similar companies are doing on the website. If you are new to Pinterest or social networking in general, this can be a helpful measure. Once you have a better idea of what is working (and isn't working) for your competitors, you can create your own plan for your Pinterest to make it as efficient as possible.
  5. Spread the word about your Pinterest account

    While it's true that word spreads fast on the internet, you still might want to do a little bit of marketing to attract people to your Pinterest. For instance, mention it on your company's website and place ads around your storefront. Consider sending an announcement to your mailing list to let them in on your account. Doing so can attract more people to your Pinterest and help it grow in popularity.
  6. Go beyond photos

    While pictures say a thousand words, Intuit.com reports that going beyond the standard Pinterest photo can maximize the efficiency of your page. For instance, many people who use the website utilize it as a place where they can post everything from recipes to infographics--which are practical and likely to be re-pinned. In the instance of your beading company, think about making posts that pertain to any upcoming sales or discounts. You can also use Pinterest to showcase new items in addition to debuting them on your official website.
  7. Keep it simple

    One of the biggest mistakes you can make on Pinterest is creating boards that are too busy. Inc.com notes that the website particularly prides itself on its clean, organized aesthetic and it's these reasons that many people use Pinterest. To avoid turning off customers, make it a point to keep your account simple. This will also increase its practicality and give users a reason to come back for more in the future.

    Although it may seem like a lot to remember, dedicating time and effort into utilizing these pointers can help you make the most of your Pinterest account.