Bringing a Small Commercial Space to Life With Minor Renovations

Being stuck with a small retail space for your beading business, can be a little discouraging. However, this happens to many entrepreneurs--often, business owners must sacrifice space in order to reap the benefits of a good location. If you had to settle for a small commercial shop, you may not be optimistic about the layout of your business.

However, a lack of space doesn't have to translate into low traffic and struggling sales. With the right attitude and interior design, you can transform your jewelry or wholesale beading shop into a place that customers love visiting on a regular basis.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind while decorating a small space. First, you need to be cautious of the colors you pick for your walls. Even the largest rooms can feel cramped and uncomfortable when painted a dark hue.

If you want to make your bead shop feel larger than it really is, use a bright color on the walls. Think about going with a neutral eggshell or a pastel shade, such as light/pale yellow. The right colors can trick the eyes into seeing a more appealing room upon walking into a new area.

Not all business owners are keen on the idea of going with a neutral hue in fear of seeming too dull to customers. This can be the case especially if you are attempting to reach out to a younger demographic. If you think that your company needs to shine with more daring colors, think about reserving an accent wall or two in your space to create this effect. This can help you add interest to the store without going overboard and unintentionally making it feel cramped.

Next, think about what you're putting on the walls to help your space feel more open and welcoming. While you might feel tempted to plaster your walls with advertisements, reserve a little space for decorative pieces, such as mirrors. reports that mirrors or other reflective surfaces are ideal when it comes to creating the illusion of more room in a crowded area.

Once you have sorted out your wall colors and what you plan to put on them, you can think about furnishing your retail space. It might be tempting to try to fit as many counters and shelves as you can into the little room you have, but this can quickly backfire. A good rule of thumb is so a wheelchair or stroller fits down isles.

If your retail space is cramped, your customers and employees alike are not going to feel comfortable. This can hurt sales and potentially have a negative effect on the reputation of your beading or handmade jewelry company.

Instead of trying to fill your space with potentially helpful furniture, look for multifunctional pieces. Bring in counters with extra storage drawers and shelves that can be installed on the wall to give yourself more room. reports that once you find a way to bring in the furniture you need, you can focus on accentuating the decor of the space. The easiest way to do so is to bring in lights--an ample amount of illumination can not only make a room feel larger, but it can enhance everything from wall colors to furnishings.

The right lights can go a long way when it comes to shifting the focus to your jewelry or jewelry-making supplies. Even if it's inside of a glass case, lighting fixtures can enhance the appeal of any product, especially jewelry.

"You always want the product to have the greatest amount of focus," Sean Hennessy, a lighting designer and consultant. You want a layering light, you don't just want ambient light. What makes an interesting space is having different lighting on different levels. You want to have as many of those categories as you can."

If you're concerned about lighting bringing up the cost of your utility bills, there are new options for business owners who want to go green and save money at the same time. LED lights are being manufactured more frequently for the commercial industry, and they are helping business owners be more sustainable while brightening up their retail locations.

It can be nerve-wracking to think about what you're going to do with a small commercial space, especially when you already have a tight budget for renovations. However, making just a few small changes to the existing decor can go a long way. The more comfortable your customers feel, the more likely they are to want to spend money in your store.