Repairing Poor Customer Service and Maintaining Your Overall Bottom Line

As a jewelry or wholesale beading supply business owner, you'll want to make sure your relationships with your customers is open, honest and stable in order to maintain your bottom line. Although some companies tend to put customer service on the back burner, making it a priority can go a long way when it comes to your consumer retention rate and overall profit.

But what do you do if your business is notorious for bad customer service? Even entrepreneurs who put their full effort into making their clients happy run the risk of falling short due to a number of reasons. Sometimes it's a lack of attention to details, while for others, it may simply be the fault of lackluster employees.

Regardless of the cause for your poor customer service, it's important to tackle the problem sooner rather than later. Doing so can salvage your reputation as a beading business and help you become a stronger competitor in the industry.

If you're interested in why you should shift your focus to this issue, consider this statistic: reports that consumers are willing to spend up to 10 percent more on products as a result of good service. On average, a customer will tell 20 other people about a company when they receive bad service, exacerbating the damaging effects of allowing this problem to linger.

The Wall Street Journal notes that customer service is something that can fluctuate in a matter of minutes. One day you may be on top of the world, and the next, you might have consumers complaining left and right. It's important to note that changes can come quickly in terms of customer service, but having a steady approach to maintaining good service is the key to keeping people happy over time.

There are a couple of ways that you can revolutionize your customer service and change what consumers think about your beading business. The first step is to improve your training methods--this means spending more than two or three days teaching your new employees the ins and outs of the company. reports that when hiring new people to your staff, it's crucial to consider how much experience they have before bringing them on. By recruiting people with valuable experience, you can make sure that you have the support system you need later down the line.

Keep in mind that even employees with experience will need a little training to get to know your products and services. It can work to your benefit if you take the time to brush them up on everything you have to offer.

In order to provide good customer service, you will also need to know how to cater to the specific needs of your clients. Depending on the type of business you operate, these needs will vary. For example, you may need to provide special services and features on your website if you conduct all of your beading business online because this is your main form of communication. On the other hand, you might want to think about having a staff member greet your customers at the door if you have a physical store location.

Next, don't underestimate what the Internet can do for you. In addition to helping you stay on top of customer complaints and comments alike, you can use social networking websites to reel in new clients and keep everyone happy.

Websites such as Facebook and Twitter have given business owners the opportunity to connect with their clients on a personal level. This gives you the perfect chance to not only keep customers in the loop about your beading business operations, but allow them to provide valuable feedback on the quality of your customer service and other aspects of the business.

On a similar note, you might want to maintain a company blog in order to keep in touch with your customers. This will give them further insight into your daily operations and provide them with peace of mind.

Although it can be difficult to repair poor customer service, doing so can do wonders for your company. Because consumers are subject to changing their minds on a regular basis, it doesn't have to be an extensive process. Taking the time to show your clients that you value them can help you preserve your reputation over time and make it easier for you to maintain your overall bottom line.