Birth Month Flowers

Birth Month Flowers

by Leslie McLane, Content Development Group, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Utilizing birthstones as jewelry inspiration is not a new idea. Birthstones have long been used as a way to customize anything and everything. There is more to a birth month than stones though. There is actually a birth flower, or two, for every month of the year as well. Each flower has its own meanings and symbolism, similar to that of a birthstone.

Violet or Primrose
Sweet Pea or Daisy
Lily or Lily of the Valley
Honeysuckle or Rose
Larkspur or Sunflower
Gladiolus or Poppy
Pansy or Morning Glory
Marigold or Magnolia
Orchid or Chrysanthemum
Hibiscus or Narcissus
  • January:
    • January's carnation has been referred to as the "flower of love" or "flower of the gods."
  • February:
    • Violets have been associated with spiritual wisdom, humility and faithfulness. February's flowers also include the primrose which contains connotations of courage and youthfulness.
  • March:
    • Intensely bright daffodils represent rebirth or can be a symbol of future prosperity. Maybe they even provide a bit of luck.
  • April:
    • It's not surprising the delicate daisy of April is associated with gentleness and innocence. The famous "He loves me, he loves me not" plucking of petals originated with this flower.
  • May:
    • Those born in May have ties with the lily and its connections to friendship and devotion. These flowers also suggest a certain level of elegance.
  • June:
    • Roses are often connected to passion and beauty, but they're also a symbol of hope and joy. Honeysuckle is similarly symbolic of the bonds of love--and the sweetness of it.
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  • July:
    • To think of a sunflower and not instantly think of warmth and happiness is impossible. Reminiscent of the sun itself, this hardy flower conveys everything jovial and represents longevity.
  • August:
    • Representing peacefulness is the poppy. August babies also have a connection with the gladiolus and its representations of strength and moral integrity. The gladiolus could rival the rose for its association with infatuation as well.
  • September:
    • The playful pansy insinuates merriment and thoughtfulness while September's other flower, the morning glory, represents affection.
  • October:
    • Marigolds have come to be associated with passion, so much so, that they have been used as love charms and wrapped in wedding garlands. October's magnolia is an evergreen with a lovely fragrance, a certain sweetness and also displays a love of nature.
  • November:
    • Orchids are known for being symbolic of luxury, beauty and even royalty. While the chrysanthemum is optimistic and its petals have been said to represent perfection in some Eastern cultures.
  • December:
    • Last, but not least, the hibiscus is exotic, delicate and rare. The twelfth month also has the Narcissus, named after the youth Narcissus from Greek mythology. It symbolizes the sweetness of the person who receives it as well as unrequited love.
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Use these flowers and their connotations to create jewelry lines sure to make whoever the wearer is, feel special. With a wide selection of flower components drops and charms there is limitless potential. Whether Swarovski crystals provide sparkle or preserved natural flowers are the center of designs, birth flower accessories are a great way to provide easy personalization. Shop ready-made flower jewelry or have fun using your beading skills for handmade lines of bountiful beauty.

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