The Day My Angels Saved My Life

by Cindy K Craft

Ten years ago, I was a supervisor on a crew working highway maintenance. I was walking up a slight hill moving signs for the next section we were going to work in. A 75 year old man and his wife came down the road and claimed they never saw me, all dressed in orange, never saw the signs, the 9 men on the crew, or the 3 trucks. He struck me in the right side and tossed me to the ditch. I never passed out, I heard everything but didn't feel it. I felt like a protective shield was wrapped around me. My initial injuries were a broken right wrist, bruises, and damage to both knees so I eventually had to have both of them replaced. The man was driving over 50MPH and I should be dead, but my angels wrapped their wings around me and they took the brunt of the impact. Over $2,800 in damage was done to the van, even though I was walking and tried to get away. To this day I feel like my angels got bruised up pretty bad, but I was given a second chance to live. I'm very grateful and feel truly blessed.

Inspiration for Story: My life was Saved by my angels. Nothing else and no one else can figure out why I'm still alive. Both of my parents have passed and I believe they saved my life.