Heaven's Gift

by Becky

At 18, a doctor, the first in a long line of doctors, told me I could not have children. However, at 18 I did not think I wanted kids. Years later, my husband-to-be did not want children so it wasn't a concern. Fast-forward four years. I wasn't feeling well. My husband said I was pregnant and I frowned at his bad taste in humor. He was adamant I was and that night we went to my gynecologist who reminded my husband that I could not have children. To prove it he did a blood test and we waited. Over an hour later, he walked in and shook my husband's hand and congratulated him on his becoming a father soon.

I say, many doctors had said I could never have children. Then God said, "No, you can't have children so I am sending you an angel."

Twenty-three years later, my beautiful daughter, my angel, is the light of my life.